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2012 Calendar CoverThis year, we at 90DD, discovered a non-profit cause we didn’t even realize existed: Pug Rescue!  Being extreme pug lovers, it never occurred to us that there were actually pugs out there people didn’t want – or worse – even abused.  After all, our office Pug Winston, whom we’re quite convinced may actually been the reincarnation of Ghandi, is practically royalty – and is treated as such.

So when we happened upon a Call for Entries into the Mid Atlantic Pug Rescue 2012 Calendar Photo Contest, naturally, we entered our best pics of Sir Winston the Pug-nificent!  A few days later, the Calendar Coordinator called and asked if we’d like to design the Calendar. And thus, a few months later, the 2012 Pug Calendar for MAPR was born.


Rescue Love BagWho would have known, that along the way, we’d have also wound up with another Pug ourselves?  So now we have Winston and Roxie (aka Rita).

We also have an office FULL of Reusable Pug Grocery Totes which we designed and printed recently as well. So GO GREEN and support Pug Rescue at the same time by purchasing some eye-catching, bright red pug bags.  They make great Holiday gifts for pug lovers.

The Bags can purchased on the MAPR website.

All proceeds go to the rescuing surrendered, abandoned, and shelter pugs, tending to their medical needs, fostering, and finding loving forever homes for pugs.

Peace, love and PUGS!

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