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Your company’s logo is a graphic representation of your brand. It should not only represent your business type, but also give customers a glancing view of who you are as an organization. This is a lot of responsibility for one little logo to carry, which is why choosing a talented and experienced designer is so important.

Consider five things you should know when selecting a logo designer:

1. You Get What You Pay For

Logo design is just not the area of business to save a few bucks. Remember, your logo will be used on just about every marketing component of your business. From print advertising to social media platforms to your website, your company’s logo is the graphic continuity that extends across all marketing/advertising communications and materials. The design needs to be innovative enough to stand out and it needs to transfer well to various mediums, especially print and digital. If your priority is the cheapest logo design you can find, chances are you won’t get a logo that you are happy with and/or the quality of the design and file won’t transfer well.

2. Hire A Professional

Given the importance of your logo, it’s best to hire a professional. While an amateur designer might seem cheaper, the truth is inexperience could cost you more in the end if you have to a pay a professional to make changes or properly format files. Digital marketing companies employ experienced logo designers who understand the complexities of this type of design. Everything from colors used to graphic elements included must be considered when designing a logo. A professional understands this and takes steps to get it right the first time.

3. View The Designer’s Portfolio

Any time you hire a designer, from web to logo, ask to see a portfolio. This not only indicates experience, but also gives you an idea of the designer’s style. If you are looking for a traditional logo design, but your chosen designer leans contemporary, then the partnership might not be a good fit. A portfolio gives you an inkling of the designer’s capabilities and offers insights into the type of work they produce.

4. Ensure Availability

Before you hire a logo designer, ask about availability. Logo design often consists of a lot of back and forth, especially if you are particular about the result. Before you officially hire a designer, ask about availability. If they are overbooked or less available because they only design in their spare time, then you might not agree on the timeline for completion.

5. Get Everything in Writing

When you embark on a design endeavor, a contract is always necessary. This puts in writing your expectations as the client and the parameters within which your designer is willing to work. A contract makes everything clear, from where and when you can use the logo to the types of files the designer has committed to delivering at the completion of the project. This eliminates any obstacles when you are ready for widespread use of your logo.