Accessible Section 508 Website Design

Do Section 508 legal requirements apply to your organization? If so, you need to be sure that your website is accessible to those with disabilities. We design all our websites to be functional and easy to use.  But we can also take the extra steps to ensure yours is legally up to par.

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About accessible websites for users with disabilities

Imagine you’re blind, sitting with your computer or phone right now. How would you read this page?

Fortunately, there many aids to help those with disabilities use the internet. Websites just need to be built a certain way for those aids to work properly. That’s why we have Section 508, a law requiring that websites be accessible to everyone.

Every single website we create here at 90 Degree Design is built to be user-friendly. We also offer accessibility compliance packages in addition to our web design and development services. Our team is well-versed in these requirements, and will take the extra steps necessary to ensure everything is up to Section 508 standards.

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Website Accessibility

Section 508 applies to:

  • All federal agencies
  • Contractors, vendors and partners that work with the government
  • Schools and other organizations that receive federal funding
  • Any organization that wants to be truly available to everyone

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