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The Benefits of Outsourcing to Freelancers

With the world economy continuing on it’s perceived down slide, business costs are increasing rapidly. Maintaining an in-house graphic design team is a costly expenditure. One of the best ways to save your business some money, and increase your profits is to hire freelancers to undertake work for you. Whether you choose to sub-contract just some of your business activities…

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Let’s Talk About Typography


In most cases typography either makes or breaks a lot of projects. After you have done all of your brainstorming and your sketches, you should move to the typographic side of the project. Identify which typefaces you’ll be planning on using, or which typeface you like but to modify to make it unique and just the way you like it….

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The Right Angle For Every Business

logo designer designing a logo

Every Business Needs Good Graphic and Web Design Good graphic and web design is the right angle for every business. Without the right angle, marketing your business has the potential to get pretty ugly. What exactly IS the right angle? Intelligent and attractive graphic design solutions; and not just anybody with Photoshop can do it. If you’re going to spend…

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