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An epic logo design story that I simply HAVE to share

I'm a logo designer; so designing logos is kind of my thing. I've been doing it for a REALLY long time now. I've probably designed at least 300 logos over the course of my life. Some were bad. Most, I think... we're pretty good. If you too happen to be a graphic designer, you will probably agree that, of all the graphic design projects, one can take on, a logo is undoubtedly the toughest. Nonetheless, I would say that roughly…
May 14, 2015
DesignLogo Design

GNPC Logo Contest Final Five

UPDATE! The GNPC logo design contest finals have been announced and our designs made it to the Final Five! Click Read more to see the two designs that we submitted that made it to the Final Five! Please take a look at our entries and pick your favorite. Then click on the image and "LIKE" it on Facebook. The winner will be chosen by members of the GNPC Selection Committee based on the following criteria: Concept, Creativity and Visual Impact. The…
November 21, 2013
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Logo Design Contest for Glacier National Park Conservancy

Recently, we came across a very exciting logo design contest project that "PEAKED" our interest in a big way. Glacier National Park is one of the most beautiful and (in my humble opinion) under-exposed places on Earth.  Seriously, it's absolutely breath-taking.Currently, they have about 25 or so active glaciers in the park.  Most of them, however, are only visible from the air since they're in such remote and precarious locales.  Sadly, they melting at an alarming rate and experts fear…
November 21, 2013
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Let’s Talk About Typography

In most cases typography either makes or breaks a lot of projects. After you have done all of your brainstorming and your sketches, you should move to the typographic side of the project. Identify which typefaces you'll be planning on using, or which typeface you like but to modify to make it unique and just the way you like it. The typeface, to the conscious mind, is very subliminal and very often overlooked. All-too-often, I, as a designer, notice the…
March 21, 2012