copywriting-servicesCreating your website’s page content can be an intimidating project for many businesses.  We can help.

Have you ever visited a site that was positively overflowing with text and so littered with keywords that it made no sense to human mind?  Well, rest-assured, it makes no sense to search engine crawlers either. The folks at Google, Yahoo, MSN and Bing are some of the most intelligent people in the World. You can’t outsmart them by over-stuffing your website with keywords.  In fact, this tactic will very quickly result in a penalty against your site.

Very different than writing copy for print advertising, copywriting and editing for the web must be crafted in a way that accurately represents page content to search engines AND makes sense to the reader.

It’s important to use keywords in a natural way that makes sense to the user, and also to search engine crawlers. We have had a great of success in this department. We have clients who, having learned this lesson the hard way, have come to us to JUST to write their copy for their websites.