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Influencer Marketing

By January 23, 2020May 6th, 2020Digital Marketing, Social Media

Social Media Influencer Marketing is an effective and affordable way to reach your ideal customers, promote your brand, and increase your sales. Please, continue reading to learn how it works!

Social Media Influencer:

A social media influencer is an individual or brand with a significant number of followers who value their expertise and knowledge in a specific area. Their knowledge on the topic and relationship with their followers gives them the ability to influence behaviors and purchase decisions. Their followers see them as a trusted source for information and engage with them regularly.

Influencer Marketing:

Influencer Marketing is when a business works with an influencer to gain credibility, reach their target audience, and increase their social media presence. The goal of the business who works with an influencer is to drive website traffic, enhance SEO, and increase sales. These businesses usually choose influencers with a following comprised of their target audience. The influencer promotes a company’s product or service in their social media content. This is often in the form of a video testimonial, a tag or mention in their caption, product placement in an image or video, and more!

Why We Recommend Influencer Marketing:

Paid search advertising can be expensive for small businesses and startups. In addition to being expensive, paid search can be less effective than other forms of marketing. The reasons why include: high levels of competition, difficultly reaching their target audience, low engagement, limited budgets, etc. Another reason why paid advertising may not work for a start up is because the company is new and people may not feel that the brand is trustworthy.

Influencer marketing is an affordable way to reach your ideal your customers, promote your brand, and increase sales. It’s effective because influencers already have a followers who are loyal, trusting, and who regularly engage with their content. When influencers endorse a product or service, it becomes more appealing to the people who follow and trust them. Many of their followers will make a purchase decision based on the influencer’s recommendation.

Example of Influencer Marketing:

Let’s use the fictional brand: The Green Juice Company. They would like to increase their social media presence, website traffic, and sales. Because they are an e-commerce company, they can sell to customers all over the world. They find the fictional healthy food influencer: Georganne. Georganne shares content about healthy foods she eats on her Instagram page: @GoingGreenwithGeorganne. Her account has 15,000 followers, most of whom are individuals that love healthy food. The Green Juice Company begings to engage with Georganne. Once they’ve caught her attention, they message her and ask if they could send over samples of their juice. They also ask Georganne to share a photo of her drinking one of their juices with a tag to their page.

The Green Juice Company has been engaging with Georganne, and she has become familiar with their brand. So, she agrees to try the juice and to share it to her account if she likes it! Georganne is excited to share a new and exciting product with her followers. She plans to use targeted hashtags such as: #greenjuice, #healthyfoods, #greens in her post. These hashtags will target users who are searching for content related to green juices, healthy foods, and greens. Sharing this kind of content will help Georganne provide relevant content to her followers. It will also help The Green Juice Company grow. Win Win!

Influencer Marketing Results:

Influencer Marketing can be highly effective. However, it is important to choose influencers who are aligned with your brand’s values and have followers in your target audience. Brands should also consider the number of followers that the chosen influencer has. Startups and local businesses might consider micro influencers with less than 100,000 followers.

For example: A restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, FL could work with a local influencer that is known for sharing great restaurant tips in Fort Lauderdale. They have 2,000 Instagram followers, but all of their followers are people who live in the area and are always looking for new restaurants to try. Because they are smaller, they might even agree to promote the restaurant in exchange for a complimentary meal. If the influencer agrees, the restaurant just bought an ad that could reach 2000 of their ideal customers for a very low cost.

Medium or Large sized businesses often work with mega influencers (such as celebrities). For example, if Nike might try to contact the fitness celebrity, Jillian Michaels, who has over a million followers on Instagram. However, Jillian Michaels probably won’t promote Nike in exchange for a free pair of shoes. Social media promotions from Mega Influencers can cost brands hundreds of thousands of dollars. We have a feeling Nike could find room in their budget for that!

To learn more about how we recommend our clients use Influencer Marketing, please click here to request a quote from us!