About Our Process

A dedicated Project Manager will be your communication hub with the logo design team and will lead you through the logo design process from start to finish.


Creative Brief

Before we ever open Adobe® Illustrator, we take the time to learn about you, your business, your market and your competition in what we call a Creative Brief. This helps us get on the same page with you regarding things like fonts, colors, or any ideas you may have.



First, we look up your competitors and/or peers. We then take to the Interweb, looking for inspiration. We usually create a Pinterest board and pin images that we think are useful in setting the mood of the project.


Design Concepts

We deliver your first round of design concepts via email within about 3-5 business days of completing your Creative Brief.



In the step, we try to get as much information as possible, as the client’s feedback allows us to move in the right direction for the final concept. For example, you might want to combine certain elements from one design with other elements from another design we presented.



We do not limit you to a number of rounds. Instead, we give you a certain number of hours of revision time. The amount of revision time varies from one logo design project to the next. During this revision time, we will keep revising the design until the perfect design is achieved.



The final logo is sent to the client along with other deliverables via email. The final logo is delivered in different formats, including vector format, gif, jpeg and tif. These formats make it easy for the client to use the logo in print, web or any other medium.