A well-designed, well-planned and well-executed marketing program is an absolute necessity for small business start-ups.

At 90 Degree Design, we strongly believe that small businesses are the heart and backbone of our country’s economy. If you’re starting a small business, chances are your budget may not allow for an entire marketing department.

We sit down with all of our new business start-up clients and take the time to get to know you, your product, your market and your budget. Then we go to work thinking about the best, most cost-effective ways to reach that market. We then put this together in a marketing plan.  The first element this plan usually includes is a corporate identity or a logo design. This is the most important element of marketing your new start-up business!  No business owner should consider moving forward without establishing a well-designed logo.

If you think you can’t afford a professional marketing consulting firm, you might be pleasantly surprised.

We’re passionate about working as a supporting partner with businesses to help them strategically develop the most effective and budget-friendly ways to penetrate their market.  Our creative capabilities give businesses the edge by providing them with clean, well-designed marketing materials that clearly communicate their message.

Your marketing plan may also include various combinations of such media modalities as:

Once we agree on the best plan for your business, we will begin carrying out your marketing plan in the most cost-effective ways possible. For instance, we’ve worked hard to seek out the absolute best pricing available on printing. We can have your new business stationary materials, business cards, brochures and post cards printed AND PROFESSIONALLY DESIGNED for less than the cost of only printing (with no design) at your local big copy house chain. Also, we will negotiate with media outlets to secure the best possible rates for airtime, ad space, etc.

*Prices may vary depending on job requirements and specifications.

Real Estate Marketing

Few business industries are more dependent on effective marketing strategies than real estate sales and brokerage; especially in challenging economic times.

Even when the economy was going strong, the real estate sector was one of the toughest markets to compete in, with regard to marketing. Now, in a challenged real estate market, agents and brokers alike continue to pour millions of dollars down the proverbial tubes on a multitude of bogus marketing gimmicks. We work with real estate brokerage firms to help them implement real state-of-the-industry tactics that yield measured, quantifiable results which generate leads and, ultimately, result in buyer conversions.

Our typical real estate marketing program may include:

  • market research and analysis
  • website design or re-development
  • targeted email marketing campaigns
  • Internet marketing including search engine optimization or PPC campaigns
  • direct-to-market collateral advertising

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