Mobile Applications Design and DevelopmentMobile iPhone, iPad and Android Smart Phone Apps – With Style.

“Are there any companies in Raleigh, NC that build mobile apps for iPhone, iPad (iOS) and Android mobile devices?”

Why yes, there are! We’re so glad you asked. In today’s busy world, mobile users want to be able to do everything on-the-go right from their iPhone, iPad, Android or smart phones. We’re the same way here at 90 Degree Design. So we thought it only natural to expand our services to include the latest in mobile app development. How are we different from other companies who develop mobile smart phone apps? That’s easy! We do it with the same style and attention to excellent design that we are known for in our graphic and web design.

We Develop For: iPhone 4 | iPhone 5 | iOS 6 | iOS 7 | iPad | Android

Mobile devices and applications are an integral part of our society, and usage is only going to continue to increase in the future. The emergence of wireless accessibility has led to new and innovative marketing opportunities. Custom mobile development is currently in high demand by businesses that want to join the mobile market. Having a well-designed, well functioning app related to your business can help boost brand awareness and lead to sales. Our team can create custom apps for mobile platforms and devices that include iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and Microsoft Surface.

With mobile app development you can get as simple or as custom as you want. The app development process can be broken out into four major parts – the idea, planning, the design, and the launch. We can help you with only one step, such as a custom design, or through all four steps for a whole project.