Motion Graphics & Video Content

Tell your story through sight and sound with video and motion graphics animation as dynamic as your business.

No one can make the case for your business better than you. This is the reason content marketing has traditionally been one of the most effective ways to spread awareness of your venture.  Through motion graphics animation and video, you can take your efforts a step further and tell your company’s story in your own voice.

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Types of Videos We Produce

Explainer Videos

Explainers are simple, 2D flat animated motion graphics videos that highlight a product, service or process associated with your business.  Simply tell us a little bit about your business what you’d like to highlight in your video.  We handle the professional script writing, voiceover and motion graphics animation.  We provide a final download of an .mp4 file rendered in high resolution 1080p.

Brand Introduction Videos

Provide potential clients and customers a glimpse into the personality of your brand with a short brand introduction video piece.  Perfect to highlight on the home page of your website, this type of video builds trust as visitors get to know you and your company.  And since videos get 90% more engagement, you can get additional mileage out of your brand intro video by promoting on social media as well.

Safety & Tutorial Videos

Many people simply learn things more easily by watching videos.  We’ve helped clients solve some of their pain points through producing safety information videos as well as videos that navigate a process.  By leveraging the latest advances in video technology,  companies can more easily address a multitude of internal resource and safety issues.

Product Review Videos

Nothing builds brand advocacy better or faster than publishing video-based product reviews on sites like  User engagement through vlogs is expected to continue trending upward.  We can help facilitate outreach to relevant industry influencers.  We will coordinate your project for you from start to finish.

Video Portfolio Examples

Explainer Video

Explainer Video

Brand Intro Video

Brand Intro Video

Safety Video

How-To Video

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