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Be Positive! How a Good Attitude Can Affect Your Marketing

By November 22, 2013May 27th, 2020Design

happier than a bird with a french frye

Have you ever noticed that, when it comes to business, successful people usually have some very common characteristics?  They’re usually cheerful, pleasant and have that tireless, “Always look on the bright side” mindset.  Well the similar characteristics can make all the difference when it comes to your business marketing.

Here are a five positively charged elements you can infuse into your business communications to inspire consumers to want to engage with you.

Laughter is a powerful tool!  A good chuckle releases endorphins and creates a positive response in the consumer’s mind surrounding the thought of your product or service.

A decade or so ago, the trend in marketing copywriting was to do what I describe as “dazzling the reader” with complicated, verbose literature that is filled with big, “impressive” words and fancy techno lingo.  Trust me!  These days, this is exact right way to completely wall your business off from the consumer.  Today’s consumer wants genuine, succinct communication.  In other words, “cut the crap.”   When conceptualizing your marketing communications, try to reach deep and show your business’s human side!

Great Design
If you don’t think great design makes a difference on way or the other, just look at Apple!  It’s human nature to want to look at things are both functional, but visually pleasing.  Whether they realize it or not, consumers respond positively to branding the presents a look that satisfies their innate desire for beauty, balance and visual organization.

Be Evocative
Ever noticed how the very best, most memorable ads go beyond selling a service and really sort of, “touch your heart?”  If you can access the viewer’s emotional response system, you have opened the door for your message to be received – AND remembered.

Be Positive
It’s been proven time and again that the law of attraction is very real.  If you’ve carefully crafted all your advertising efforts and they’re all in place, then the next step is fully expect your phones to begin ringing (or whatever occurrence means prosperity to you).

Be Kind Operate with Integrity
Another business edict that’s “SO YESTERDAY” is operating under the “It’s all fair in love, war and business,” mentality.  We learned this in kindergarten and it’s still true as adults in the business world:  Be nice, kind and fair and treat people – all people – the way you would like to be treated.  It’s simple; and it WILL help you grow your business!

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