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PR and Marketing Trends You Should Take Advantage Of in 2017

By February 21, 2017Web Design

Marketing is and always has been a major part of branding and business growth. Expert PR firms understand that marketing is a field of constant motion. As we push into 2017, we will see the shifting landscape. Smart business owners will take notice and will succeed in a big way.


Print vs digital

Like it or not, the day of the printed media materials such as magazines and newspaper are rapidly declining. The past decade has seen print giants closing their doors and experienced journalist searching for a new way to make a living. The shift to digital information is in place and is growing in leaps and bounds.


As digital news channels and online magazines swing into action, they must acknowledge the stepchild of their field, social media. Social media is a major factor. Most people will hear about a news story, announcement or latest event via their social media family well before they login to check out the whole story. Even television must make way for the video blog that will likely be posted and shared hundreds or thousands of times (even if the “facts” are not so factual). With this in mind, it is easy to see that the world of marketing and media coverage has many more contributors and influencers than in the past decade. Bloggers and website content writers have a huge presence that cannot be overlooked. As 2017 rolls forward, content will continue to grow. Website owners will opt for higher quality content that is fact-checked and well written. However, the content writer may not be a reporter or journalist. Given the right forum, that could work to their benefit.


Branding and your target audience

Building your brand is more important than ever. Technology has widened the playing field and with the influence of the internet, it is easy to get lost in the crowd. The most important step you can focus on initially is properly identifying your target audience. Only then can you design a marketing plan that will hit your goals. A good public relations firm is a great asset in this phase of the plan.


To build your brand with your target audience, you will have to connect with them. You must communicate, comment, reach out, and build a relationship with them. Relationships and trust will be the building blocks of business for the new year. Do not neglect your influencers.


Example: Your product is a stay-dry infant car seat cover. Mrs. X commented on your site (or on the site where she purchased the cover) that she loves the product. Her child did not get wet even after dropping their milk on the cover.  Perhaps 100 other mothers read her comment. They are influenced. Who knows better the pain of changing a kid before taking them into daycare or a doctor’s appointment than another mom. This is your opportunity to reach out to the influencer and thank them for their honest review. Answer any questions they or their readers may have. You have made a connection with one and influenced 100. This is building your brand.



In 2017 visuals are more important than ever. Video, good photography and vlogging will be expected. Ignoring it will make your brand less exciting than others. People want to see it and they want to have access to seeing it at their fingertips.
Social media, content, visual aids and contributors are going to be in the focus for this year. Marketing is going to be more exciting and more profitable than ever before.