• Chrysalis Financial Planning Website


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    We designed and built this financial planning website for Chrysalis Capital Management in Raleigh, NC.

Chrysalis Capital Management is a Financial Planning and Asset Management Firm based in Raleigh, NC.  They came to 90 Degree Design after finding us in a Google search for “Web Design Raleigh.”

The client chose to go with us because they were looking for a financial planning website that was “just a notch or two above” their competitors.  Owner and CEO, Stephanie was looking for great design and branding.  But she knew that she also needed a design firm that could also deliver in the technology department.

For this design, the job called for a departure from the normal look and feel typical of financial planning firms.  Rather than going with the standard starched-down approach, we opted for combining the cool navy color palette with soft, organic graphics and imagery. The client wanted to present her business as being, different, lively and fun (like Stephanie herself) but also maintain a professionalism which is expected in her field.   We delivered with an elegant, but professional design with a touch of whimsy which looks beautiful on all devices.  The client, as well as many others who have visited the site since it’s launch, have been very generous with their complements on the finished product.