Pursuit Wealth Strategies

Pursuit Wealth Strategies

Pursuit Wealth Strategies, a Raymond James firm, reached out to us in search of a clean, professional financial planning website that was just a little bit more “outside-the-box” than some of their competitors.

The client expressed the desire to inject some personality and individuality into their brand identity while still staying within the clean, corporate expectations of the industry.  Additionally, the client wasn’t sure how to strike a balance between their corporate and individual clients and potential clients.

We were able to strike a great balance for them in their website, as well as some of their other branding materials.  Now, no matter who visits, they will feel confident that Pursuit Wealth Strategies has the expertise to exceed their expectations.

The client came prepared with a great deal of content.  We invested a lot of time in laying out the website in a way that would draw in the visitor and ensure the site was easy to navigate.  It was also important that it was easy for a potential client to take action or contact the team at Pursuit Wealth.