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Pug Rescue Calendar Coming Soon

By November 21, 2013May 27th, 2020Company News

90DD is pleased to announce that we are designing the 2012 Calendar for Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue in support of the wonderful work they do for the pug breed.

Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue, Inc is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, dedicated to providing for the short and long term needs of abandoned or surrendered pugs. MAPR gives rescued pugs veterinary care, a nurturing foster environment, and permanent placement into a loving home. In addition, MAPR offers education to the public on the special responsibilities of pug ownership and the need for domestic animal population control.

In particular, financial contributions are most frequently used to purchase food and supplies and to help offset the cost of medical care for our pugs. Because MAPR accepts pugs regardless of age or medical condition, we frequently receive dogs with severe and costly medical conditions like Lilly and Hamlet. Many of these medical problems are correctable and, once treated, the animal can enjoy a long and healthy life. Thus, MAPR rescues rely on the kindness of friends like you to make a difference!

“Let No Pug Go Unloved.”

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