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Raleigh Web Design Case Studies

By March 14, 2014May 27th, 2020Design

Case Study 1:  Synergy Spa and Aesthetics
For Dave and Anna Churchill of Synergy Spa and Aesthetics, the thought of facing a website re-design amidst an ambitious expansion project was anything but relaxing. With the addition of a whole new line of med aesthetics services, they knew they needed to step up their online presence as well as their overall branding to a level that was more inline with their progressively growing business. A completely custom website design solution that adhered to a very specific look and feel that went beautifully with their clean, modern design aesthetic was just the ticket. Now one year after their website design is complete, their business is going strong as are complements on their new website.

Stuart Auto Paint and Dent Case StudyCase Study 2: Stuart Auto Paint
Wayne had tried building his new business website in the notoriously clunky and complicated online Website Builder system. After discovering the many ways it did not live up to all the advertisements promised and seeing that his website was still difficult to find on search engines even with their “search engine optimization” add-on package, he decided to turn to professionals. A very user-friendly template-based solution served him well in staying within budget and giving him a web presence that appears much more costly that it actually was. Just one month later, Wayne’s business is the top search return for several of his target keywords, easily eclipses all his competition in design and function and produces a steady stream of web-based leads.

Carolina Players Tour Case StudyCase Study 3:  Carolina Players Tour
After receiving a quote of over $15,000 and $120 per month to build and maintain the website for the newly established mini-pro tour, the Carolina Players Tour thought it wise to shop around. We were able to deliver all the essentials they needed to launch their first tour year online at a fraction of that initial quote. Some of the features included in their final website deliverables were online management and reporting of players’ scores and earnings and online tournament registration for players.

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