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Happy New Year from the 90 Degree Design Team! We are happy to announce that we are kicking 2013 off in a big way by launching two website re-designs. Both websites are for local businesses based here in Raleigh, NC – Active Ergonomics and Bija Hot Yoga.

Active Ergonomics – – Active Ergonomics® was founded with a mission to promote pro-active ergonomics through education, the assessment, and the solution. Many companies fail to take the steps to ensure that workplace tools are “ergonomic” or properly positioned to “fit” their employees. Without proper placement, workers can experience fatigue, eyestrain and repetitive stress injuries – all of which negatively affect the employee’s health, and the company’s bottom line. Active Ergonomics® came to us looking for a professional website that would be a tool to help inform their clients.

This website features a responsive web design and a fully developed ecommerce section.

Bija Hot Yoga –
– Bija Hot Yoga is a hot Hatha yoga teacher training program created by founder and lead instructor, Monica Shannon. Monica is strongly focused on the goal of providing each and every on of her students with a solid foundation of asanas of a traditional Hatha Yoga practice. This enables students to go forth and build their own unique, personalized programs.

With this in mind, she has constructed a well-rounded curriculum, based on her years of experience and thousands of hours teaching students, training teachers, and continuing her own yogic education, that plants the perfect “bija” (or seed) from which each yoga teacher trainee can grow their own practice the in whatever way resonates with them.

This new website features a clean and simple design that reflects the clean body/clear mind feeling that can be acheived by practicing yoga. The responsive layout is optimized for easy reading and navigation across a wide range of devices from desktop computer monitors to an aray of mobile devices.

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