Responsive Websites

Web Design and Development for Mobile Devices

At 90 Degree Design, our main goal in creating responsive websites is to make it as easy as possible for the user to engage your business from any device.  Not just from desktop computers but from smart phones, iPhones, Android devices or iPads.

Web users are more often using their smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices to search the Internet. As a business owner, you want to make it as easy as possible for visitors to view your website, understand what you offer and hopefully engage with your business. It was out of the necessity for websites to present information on many different types of devices that responsive website design was born. Therefore, whenever we approach a new website development project, we will always want to have a conversation about incorporating responsive design.

More About Responsive Websites

Responsive websites, sometimes called device-adaptive websites, automatically detect what device the site is being viewed on and adjust their layout to conform to the viewing environment. For instance, if you’re viewing a responsive website on a large desktop computer monitor, it will load using a generous portion of the horizontal space in your browser. This is particularly nice on websites that feature expansive, beauty shots as a main focal point in the design. However, when viewed on a smart phone, the menu will automatically become a mobile menu and those large images will resize proportionally to the aspect ratio of the device on which the site is being viewed. The text on the page will also re-flow to accommodate the long, vertical scrolling environment of a smart phone.

When viewing a responsive site on a tablet such as an iPad, the navigation will not be replaced with a mobile menu, but the menu, images and text will resize horizontally to fit the slightly more narrow aspect ratio of the tablet screen.

Audience and Device-Aware Mobile Sites

This is another type of web development for mobile devices. Basically, a mobile site, or a mobile “skin” as it is sometimes referred to, is not a fully responsive website, but a mobile version of the site which is triggered when a user accesses the site on a mobile device.  This is often a simpler, more watered down version of the basic information on the main site. The advantage of this type of solution to mobile devices is that it often requires the device to load less information. This can be a good thing if the user is working with a slower internet connection. Another reason to consider this type of solution over a responsive design is one of practicality. If you already have an existing website in which you’ve invested a lot of time and/or money, you may not necessarily want to redesign your entire website just to accommodate mobile devices. A well-designed mobile site allows you to quickly present the basics of your core message to mobile users without having to overhaul your website.

Mobile Applications – “Smart Phone Apps”

Each month, hundreds of mobile apps are being uploaded and offered for download in the App Store. Would you like your app to be one of them? Learn more about building a mobile app here.