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SEO in a Nutshell: Overview

By May 17, 2016Web Design

There are lots of articles out there about search engine optimization.  However, few of them really break down each step of the process into simple, easy-to-understand steps that the average website owner can understand and incorporate into their SEO strategy.  This article series is intended to do just this – “In a Nutshell.”   In the 6 articles to follow, I will be outlining a straight-forward search engine optimization plan that we at 90 Degree Design employ for all our local SEO clients in Raleigh.  

Brief Synopsis for each following article:


1 – On-site optimization

This is the first step to starting your SEO campaign. On-site optimization will involve many concepts that will aid in understanding your audience. Considering these steps will optimize your site:  targeting keywords, creating relevant titles + tags + URLs, producing page effective content, providing appropriate images and meta descriptions, creating internal and external links that will aid in the structure of your site, and considering a navigational structure that will provide excellent user experience.

2 – Setting up your tools

Here at 90 Degree Design, we use google webmaster tools for our SEO campaigns. Google webmaster will increase traffic to your site by focusing on the technical side and less on the marketing of your business. In order to use Google webmaster tools, you have to have a google account. From there you can use Google Analytics to add your site, verify your site, add sitemaps, and monitor your SEO progress.

3 – Creating social presence

Social media is an extremely effective way to boost SEO by creating a social presence and using content marketing to inform your users. Social media will improve your content and reach a diversity of users. Social media presence will organically traffic users and acquire new customers that will in effect advance your SEO campaign. Consider using a range of social media platforms – instagram, facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest, etc.

4 – Developing a link-building strategy

In order to obtain successful SEO; you need to develop a solid link building strategy. When structuring your site it is extremely pertinent to consider internal links, external links, and image links. Links are a powerful way to help drive traffic, increase ranking, and boost leads for your site.

5 – Monitoring your progress

Considering SEO is a constant battle, you need to continuously monitor your site’s progress. We use Google analytics to track and monitor our SEO progress. Google supplies an overview of your site and allows you to compare date ranges, displays how your site performs around the world with geographic data, shows a navigation summary that expresses how users maneuver through your site,  provides search engine traffic information, and more! Keeping your site up to date and adding fresh content with improve your SEO standings.

6 – Summary

A summary that will cover the key points of each article and provide a basic guide for SEO that you can implement for your business.