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SEO in a Nutshell Part 4: Developing a Link-Building Strategy

By June 22, 2016Web Design

There are lots of articles out there about search engine optimization. However, few of them really break down each step of the process into simple, easy-to-understand steps that the average website owner can understand and incorporate into their SEO strategy. This article series is intended to do just this – “In a Nutshell.” This part specifically talks about

‘Developing a Link-Strategy’


In order to obtain successful SEO; you need to develop a solid link building strategy. When structuring your site it is extremely pertinent to consider internal links, external links, and image links. Links are a powerful way to help drive traffic, increase ranking, and boost leads for your site.


Listed below are some quick tips and ideas to developing an effective link-building strategy:

    • Create content that is intriguing and will compel readers to want to reference it with a link.


    • Connect your site to as many *quality* directories as possible but beware of spammy directory websites; it’s important to know the difference between the two.  Here is a list of the top 100 directory sites on which you can create a free directory listing.


    • Get engaged and ask others to share links / create links specifically for your site. It never hurts to ask, and in return you can create links for them. Creating a solid community is very important for holistic SEO.


    • Remember that building high quality sites with structured links will take time. Do not try to rush the process. When you are concise and create smooth transitions and impelling links – it will all be worth it. This is all part of the game.


    • Link to a surprise – consider being fun with your links! Users love to be entertained and will more than likely share your link if it is worth sharing. Everyone loves a good laugh!


    • Create rich anchor text that will lead to even richer content by means of internal links.
      Ask your customers for testimonials! If your customer is happy, maybe they would consider having a link to your site on their page.


    • Ask your employees to share your links via blog posts, personal sites, or other sources. Most employees are proud to share where they work and what the company is all about. This is an excellent way to reach a diverse audience – with hopes that they will like, comment, or even share.


    • Create infographics that are unique and eye catching – leading a viewer to click the graphic that will happily guide them to your site.