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SEO or PPC, what’s right for me? Continue reading for simple information about SEO, PPC, and what strategy may be right for your business!

About SEO:

Search Engine Optimization is essentially a fancy marketing term for getting organic (un-paid) traffic to your website from a search engine (most commonly, Google). Billions of Google searches happen on a daily basis which makes it one of the most powerful ways to grow your business. No matter how beautiful your website design, if your content isn’t optimized for search engines, customers may never get to see your page.

Key Factors that Contribute to SEO:

  • Content: Targeted Keywords, Relevant Information, Interesting and Engaging Content
  • Proper use of Titles, Subheadings, and Meta Descriptions
  • Outbound links and Backlinks
  • Social Media Follows, Likes, Recommendations, Saves, and Shares
  • Website Load Speed and Responsiveness
  • Easy to Navigate Web Design
  • Accurate Contact and Location Information on Website and Search Engines
  • Great Online Ratings and Reviews

Some of the factors that influence your company’s SEO are in your control, some aren’t. We recommend having a simple, fast, and highly responsive website and optimizing your content for SEO. To consult with our talented design team, click here. We also recommend that you provide accurate contact and location information on your website and search engine profiles. 

While you may not be able to directly increase your ratings, reviews, and social media shares, you can provide great customer service and meaningful content in order to encourage this!

About PPC:

Pay-Per-Click Advertising means exactly what it sounds like! Your business pays a fee per click to drive traffic to their website. For example: Someone Googles “best web designer in Raleigh”, Google  generates a list of websites that are associated with that phrase’s keywords. At the top of the search engine results page, companies that paid for Ads are listed as sponsored results. PPC Ads can also run on social media platforms, search engines, and websites.

Is PPC right for me?

This depends! First, you will need to figure out if you have a budget that will support paid digital ads. Paid advertising can be effective but expensive. Your company may consider organic SEO strategies, social media marketing, referral marketing, etc. to stretch your marketing dollar. Keep in mind that search paid ads are usually most effective when you’re marketing a product or service that people are searching for. If you have a new product in a new market, paid ads might not be the best option. That’s because no one will be searching for your product or products like yours. In this case, you should consider running a paid ad on social media, or trying other ways to gain exposure for your brand.

On the other hand, if you sell something that’s in high demand, such as “local pizza shop” or “interior designer” or “dog collar”, you will have better chances at running successful PPC campaigns. So, know your market, budget, and who you would like to target to build a successful PPC campaign!

SEO and PPC can be highly effective forms of digital marketing. Here at 90 Degree Design, we can help you understand what makes sense for your business and how to maximize your marketing efforts and reach more qualified customers! Click here to request a quote!