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How to Succeed in Digital Marketing in 2017

By June 26, 2017January 30th, 2018Digital Marketing

Since digital marketing is ever-evolving, a strategy that worked one year may no longer work the next. For this reason, it’s essential for digital marketers to stay on top of the latest digital marketing trends and use them to increase site traffic, brand awareness, and conversions. If your goal is to succeed in digital marketing in 2017, be sure to keep the tips below in mind.

1. Add Interactive Content

Interactive content encourages site visitors to physically engage and interact with your site. Contests, polls, quizzes, calculators, and interactive infographics are all examples of interactive content that can encourage active engagement, educate site visitors, provide you with valuable data, and help you with your remarketing efforts.

2. Implement the SSL Certificate

The Secure Sockets Layer or SSL certificate is used by many online businesses to protect their customers and ensure online transactions remain confidential. Once you implement SSL, you’ll notice that your URL will begin with HTTPS rather than HTTP, there will be a padlock to the left of the URL, and a trust seal will be displayed. With an SSL certificate, you can enjoy improved rankings and increased conversion rates.

3. Take Advantage of Influencer Marketing

Through the use of influencer marketing, you can use people with a large following to drive your brand’s message to your target market. Influencer marketing can provide you with creative content, add credibility to your brand, increase brand awareness, and effectively reach the types of customers who would be interested in your product or service.

 4. Try Native Advertising

The purpose of native advertising is to blend a promotional message into a publisher’s regular content. Native ads do not interfere with user experience and educate consumers on products and services in a more subtle way than traditional ads. In addition, they are more likely to be viewed and shared. It’s a good idea to test a native advertising campaign in your marketing strategy to see how it performs for your particular brand.


5. Don’t Forget About Live-Streaming Video

Ever since the 2016 presidential debate was live-streamed, companies have decided to use live-streaming video to support their digital marketing strategy. You can use live-streaming video to showcase product demos, interviews, Q&A sessions, customer reviews, surveys, polls, social media contests, and more. If you’d like your company to stand out from its competition in 2017, interactive content, an SSL certificate, influencer marketing, native advertising, and live-streaming video can all help you out. Good luck!