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When it comes to business marketing, content really is king. Content marketing is the BEST way to advertise a business launch, characterize your company’s offerings and distinguish your venture from others in your industry. Content marketing takes various forms and each one is vital to the success of your endeavor. Part of the reason this form of marketing is so important is because it establishes and maintains a level of trust with your audience. Whether your audience consists of industry partners or customers, the people that read your content trust what you are saying. They attribute your credibility to the experience that allows you to grow a business in your chosen industry.

Content marketing allows you to start and engage in a conversation with a wide audience – including those who may not have even known your business existed prior to reading a piece of content you wrote or promoted. This speaks to the versatility of content marketing. You may write a blog that gets picked up on another blog, resulting in links that ultimately send people back to your website. You may comment on an industry piece to reflect your knowledge and professional experience. Sharing your blog on social media could cause a viral effect that encourages people to share what you’ve written to others that care about the subject matter. Content marketing gives you an opportunity to steer your marketing efforts in a direction that is most beneficial for your business.

Content marketing is cost-effective. Creating and sharing good content is more a matter of sweat equity than a significant expense. For a fledgling business venture, this is important as you likely have more of the former to expend than the latter. The expense you incur for this kind of marketing is centered on finding and working with a quality content writer. Distribution relies on your persistence in getting your content noticed – a matter of time and research.

Implementation is simple. Post content directly on your website, share links to your social media platforms and ask industry partners to link to it as well. This helps to spread the word about your business. Put your content efforts on a schedule and you’ve got a marketing machine working in the background as you continue to promote your business in other ways.

Content is also an ideal way to gain conversions on your website. Conversions are characterized as the desirable actions visitors take when they visit your website (i.e. offering contact information, signing up for your newsletter or making a purchase). Outright requests for this engagement may be spurned, but the trust gained through content may compel this type of action from site visitors. In other words, content can equate to dollars, so the importance of it is significant for business growth.