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Tips for Graduating Designers

By November 21, 2013May 27th, 2020Design

Certainly one of the most exciting and frightening times in a young graphic designer’s life is preparing to walk across his department’s stage and step out into the career World. In a time of economic uncertainty, the prospect of job-seeking can intimidating to say the least. Here are few tips that may help, comfort and encourage those individuals.

Polish Your Portfolio
First and foremost, ensure that your portfolio is in top-notch shape and ready to show. These days, the majority of portfolios are reviewed online. However, it is a very good idea to also have a well-presented print version to showcase your work. Remember that quality is far better than quantity. Choose only your best work keeping your selections to 10 – 14 pieces.

Flattery Will Get You Everywhere
Rather than calling agencies and design firms to ask that big question, “are you hiring,” try contacting the Creative Director instead. Tell him or her that are greatly inspired by his design style (or something to that effect) and ask if he or she wold be willing to review your portfolio and critique your work. Not only is this a wonderful way to get professional feedback on your work, it is also an excellent way of making real “human” connections.

Stay In Shape
Once you’re out of school, take any opportunity to do design work, even if unpaid. Being a designer is somewhat similar to being an athlete. You have to stay in shape even in the “off” season.

Embrace Your Inner Design Child
New graduates who are “fresh” out of design school are appealing to many employers. They are “blank slates” with plenty of youthful enthusiasm, energy to inject into an organization. It is wise to embrace this aspect of newness and market yourself to potential employers with this in mind.

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