Web Design Trends That Work

By March 8, 2018 September 12th, 2018 Digital Marketing, Web Design

Much like the rest of the “interwebs,” web design is continuously evolving. Staying on trend is particularly important for business owners. It is less about being trendy, however, and more about ensuring that your website design remains highly functional, offers a good user experience and most importantly, effectively drives new business.

Why Your Web Design Matters

When users visit your website, there should be no mystery as to why they are there. You have more than likely been found by search or referral, and therefore, it should be apparent what the user was searching for when they found you.

Can you solve their problem?

Does your product or service fulfill their need?

Is your content of value?

The team at 90 Degree Design put our heads together to come up with some of the most important things to consider when building or refining a website.

User Experience

Consider the entire user experience from the perspective of an actual user. It is easy to get caught up in a particular vision or design, but what is really important is to understand why a user is visiting the website in the first place. Make sure what they are looking for is quickly accessible. In general, users will only stay on your site for 30 seconds or less to try and find what they are looking for. Make sure that your value prop and call-to-action are front and center.

Homepage Design

When designing a homepage or landing page, keep in mind that this will be your first (and likely only) chance to grab someone’s attention. Consider what needs to be featured and make sure that your design highlights that feature. Perhaps people need to see a “make a reservation” widget, or callout of your services menu; whatever the case may be, your design should be built around the most important feature so that it cannot be missed.


According to 90 Degree Design CEO Julie Jensen, one of the biggest things that people don’t realize is how important copy is. ” You almost can’t even think about designing a truly custom site unless you already have the majority of the content in hand.”

Website content should be built out to both tell the story of your brand as well as optimized for SEO (search engine optimization). Your content needs to make sense and help viewers identify your brand, but it also needs to be functional and lend itself to searchability.


Don’t forget about the imagery. Good photography is so important for a website, especially if your website is photo-heavy. Lousy photography can make a beautiful design look terrible. It can also make your brand be interpreted as “sloppy,” “new,” or “unprofessional.” It pays to invest in good photography while you are investing time and money into new web design.

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