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When you are starting a new business, you have to go over many hurdles. Of course, everyone goes about this process slightly differently. It all starts with that first big idea. Then, typically you create a business plan, think about your business name, who your clients or customers will be, how you will charge for your services, etc. Does all of that sound familiar? If so, you are already off to a good start. But…

Have you selected your brand colors yet?

Often when new businesses are preparing to launch their brand, they first think of whatever their logo will be. In fact, that is something that we help new clients with all of the time. But, have you thought about what kind of colors will be included in your logo? How will those colors carry through the rest of your branding material, like stationery, business cards, or even your website design?

If you have not considered your brand colors as part of your overall brand development, it is time to pump the brakes and give your brand color some consideration. Why? Because the psychology behind the way that people interpret colors is a genuine thing and people will be your clients and customers.

In an article on Psychology Today, they note that a study titled Impact of Color on Marketing, “researchers found that up to 90% of snap judgments made about products can be based on color alone (depending on the product).


Most marketers will tell you that color has an impact on your brand but there tends to be some smoke and mirrors when it comes to how choosing any one particular brand color will make people feel about your brand. There is not any concrete research there. Most people also associate colors with certain memories or experiences. Since this is the case, it would be pretty hard for us to make a case that clients looking to evoke happiness in a brand should all choose yellow as their brand color because yellow makes people happy. The reality is that there are lots of people that do not like the color yellow for one reason or another. Clowns are also known to make people happy, but I think we can all agree that we know plenty of people who will run in the other direction if they see a clown walking down the street.

Color is still incredibly important when choosing your branding though. The same article in Psychology Today notes that “when it comes to picking the “right” color, research has found that predicting consumer reaction to color appropriateness in relation to the product is far more important than the individual color itself.


Perhaps one of the most important things to consider when selecting your brand colors is how do those colors make YOU feel? When you think about your brand, what colors come to mind? Avoid picking brand colors based strictly on personal preference (i.e. my favorite color is orange, so orange should dominate my brand colors). Instead, choose colors that make sense for the products and services your brand is offering and what colors come to mind when you think about you are bringing to the marketplace.

Need help? Our designers and brand specialists happen to be pretty darn good at this kind of thing. Give us a call or request a proposal today.