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These days, your website is the front door of your business. The majority of people search for a business online before they ever make a call, schedule an appointment, or walk in the doors. Many customers have already made a decision on whether or not they will make a purchase – simply from exploring your website. A website is not only the best way for potential customers to find you but also the easiest way to tell people who you are and what you offer. Hiring a professional web designer is one of the most best investments you can make in your brand.

Once you’ve decided to launch a new business venture, there are various tasks to undertake. You have your brilliant business idea and start on your seemingly endless list of things to do. Everything from business type to structure to start-up capital is a task to be completed. You buy your inventory, price your services, and open your doors. But, without a great online presence, your customers may never find you.

You’re going to be making a lot of decisions as you launch your brand. Some of the most important decisions you will make is how to invest in your brand wisely. Not only will a modern, responsive, well-designed, and user-friendly website represent your business well, but it will also help you grow your business. Sure, there are numerous do-it-yourself options for website creation, but nothing comes close to the quality you get from professional web design.

Here’s Why You Should Hire a Professional Web Designer

  • You get what you pay for: Most small businesses have small budgets. There are some great times to spend, and great times to save. However, there are some aspects of the start-up process that require bit more investment. Professional website design is such an area. It’s one thing to find a web design company that can work with your budget, like 90 Degree Design; quite another to pay a high school buddy $50 to do your website.
    • Websites that are not designed professionally tend to suffer from broken links, poorly-written content, lack of SEO, and have a basic design straight out of the days of dial-up. Usually, DIY sites aren’t user or mobile friendly, unique, or impressive to your customer. Look at your competitor’s websites. That’s who you’ll be stacked against in the eyes of your customer. If you want your brand to stand out, you’re going to want to put your best foot forward.
  • Your website is your best digital marketing tool: As we stated earlier, your website is not just the best way for your customers to find you, but it’s also the best way for them to get to know who you are, what you offer, and how to buy from you! Don’t compromise on quality for one of the most significant pieces of your marketing plan. Here are some of the biggest ways that a professionally designed site will help market and grow your business online.
    • Copywriting that’s written for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Digital Marketing
    • Custom Graphic Design, Photos, Videos, and more
    • Linked to social media
    • Better PPC (pay-per-click) digital advertising
  • Your brand is unique, your website should be too: While the designer is the professional, you should still have a say in the look and feel of your website. You might not be the expert, but no one can tell your story better than you. Communicate what you want your site to say and how you want to represent your brand in your initial consultation. It’s fine to ask for some ideas or examples, but also give honest input on the direction. Working together ensures the best outcome.
    • Here at 90 Degree Design, we love brainstorming and collaborating with our clients. It allows our clients to feel more connected to their brand and allows us to capture their business’s heart and soul.
  • A professional web designer will help you maintain your site: One of the biggest mistakes that small business owners make is forgetting about site maintenance once the initial project is up and running. Your website requires regular updates and maintenance. Failing to do this could result in your website experiencing issues or crashing. As a business, you will also want to keep your website up-to-date with your latest offerings. As you grow and evolve, so should your site. 
  • Professionally designed sites run faster and are mobile friendly: A professional website design should be aesthetically pleasing, but it should also run as efficiently as possible. Especially on mobile devices! Website visitors are fickle and a site that takes too long to load is more likely to be bypassed. You know who loves a quickly loading site more than anyone? Google! In fact, sites that are user-friendly and fast rank hire in search engine results.
  • You only get one chance at a first impression: If your home page is not engaging or attractive, visitors will be turned off by your site. As professional web designers, we spend the most effort on our client’s home pages to ensure that it not only grabs the visitor’s attention but also quickly and effectively explains what your business is all about and why your products or services outshine that of the competition.
    • Navigation is so important. If your site is confusing and doesn’t clearly navigate your customers, they’ll move on. Professional website designers know how to design user-friendly navigation for your customers. Things like motion effects, buttons, and calls to action (CTA’s) will help each person go from just a visitor to a potentially buying customer.

Today, it’s not just a recommendation to hire a professional web designer to design your brand’s website, it’s a necessity.