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Every business has a story to tell.  Hopefully, yours is a story that, when well-told, will draw in just the right kind of customers, employees, or clients.  A good branding agency can help you tell that story with those things in mind.  BUT… and this is a big BUT…. THEY CAN’T DO IT WITH JUST A LOGO.

Just like businesses, logos become great over time.  They don’t start out as winners right out of the starting gate.  Nor can a logo reflect every facet of your business. Logo designers frequently run into situations where a client wants to ask too much of logo.  In this case, it’s usually best to steer them towards keeping it simple.  Why?  Because simpler is almost always best with logos;  Ask, “What can I take away” rather than “What can I add?”

Some logo designers prefer to show the client(s) rather tell them why what they wanted wasn’t going to work.  They may go ahead and let them have all the things they wanted to squeeze into that logo knowing it is going to be trouble when used small, or used in single color, or embroidered, etc.   This route usually concludes in an overly costly logo that no one is very happy with.

In the end, it’s best to avoid trying to make your logo the “be all, end all” of your brand.  Especially since are so many different ways to tell your business’ story!  The signature images and graphics used, the messaging, the social media vibe, even the general enthusiasm and with which employees and stakeholders meet each workday; all of these things will work together to tell your story and become supporting assets of your brand.   So let’s build a solid, strong, utilitarian logo that may not change the World or be all the things to all people but will serve your business well from it’s quiet corner of your website, ad or social post for years to come.