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Managed WordPress Hosting & Maintenance

Reliable Hosting + Regular Maintenance =

Worry-Free Websites.

Once your website is built, it belongs to you! You do not have to host it with us. However, WordPress websites need powerful hosting and regular updates.  WordPress is an open-source content management system.  It regularly releases updates to it core updates to minimize vulnerability for the millions of websites it powers.  Alongside those core updates issued by WordPress are updates released for any plugins and themes connected to your website.  It is crucial to the stability of your website to ensure that those updates are being made in a timely manner.  With our worry-free hosting and maintenance services, you can rest assured that your website is being updated every month.

Our “Good Apples Only” Policy on WordPress Hosting

We are proud to offer the most reliable WordPress hosting environment available.  How?  Because, as the saying goes, one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch.  That is why we are meticulous about updating all plugins, themes and other software on our clients’ sites.  Maintaining the security and stability of our clients’ websites is our top priority.  No bad apples means fast, secure servers with minimized risk for your website to be compromised.

Prefer to host and maintain your own site, no problem!

We understand that some businesses want to handle their WordPress website hosting and maintenance in-house.  That is why we offer WordPress training at the close of every website design project.   We can also make recommendations for good alternative options for WordPress hosting.  We tried them all and we’re more than happy to “spill the tea” on our favorites!

Features of our WordPress Hosting

Optimized for WordPress

WordPress is a hefty Content Management System.  To perform it’s best, WordPress needs a hosting environment that is configured to accommodate its specific needs.

Lightning Fast

Servers configured for WordPress enable them to allocate the resources needed to deliver speed and optimal performance. Superior website performance means fast page-loading times for visitors and speedy back end editing.

Anti-Hacker Security

Being an open source content management system means anyone can use WordPress. It also means that sites which are powered by WordPress are vulnerable to attack.  Our hosting and maintenance ensures the latest security measures are in place to protect your site.

Nightly Backups

In the event that your site does become compromised, you need not worry.  Automated nightly backups with quick, easy one-click restoration to a previous version.  Simply reach out to us and we can roll your site back to the last stable version.

Dedicated Support

If you host with big box hosting providers you may save a few dollars.  However, when you have an issue with your site, be prepared to sit on chat support.  Our hosting clients simply need to reach out to us via email, phone or website.

Plugin Updates

Not only do we update WordPress core, we also update all your site’s plugins and themes as well.  This is the cornerstone of our managed WordPress hosting that you won’t find comes standard with other big box hosts.

Two Payment Options to Choose From

Pay Monthly
$60Per Month

Subscribe monthly to our managed WordPress hosting and maintenance.  You will be directed off of our site to our secure payment portal.

Pay Annually
$540Per Year
Save 10%

Subscribe annually to our managed WordPress hosting and maintenance.  You will be directed off of our site to our secure payment portal.