Managed WordPress Maintenance

Keep Your Website Running Smoothly with Managed WordPress Website Maintenance and Support

What is a Content Management System and Why Does it Need Maintenance?

If your website was built in the last 5 years, chances are it was built on a Content Management System such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. Such systems have revolutionized website development by enabling the end user to take control of his/her own website and make changes without having to call a Web Developer to laboriously edit the HTML code.  There are many benefits to having your website on a Content Management System – so many so that it’s become almost unheard of to not use some sort of a CMS to power your website.


The downside to using a Content Management System, if there is one, is that they need to be updated regularly to the latest available versions.  This keeps them safe and secure, as well as functioning optimally.  Depending on how many plugins and extensions your website uses, upgrading your CMS can be tricky.  You will need to make sure your themes and plugins are also updated.

While this is something you can absolutely handle yourself via the WordPress Admin, it’s a really good idea to have a professional Web Developer on retainer to proactively handle these updates for you.  We offer an affordable full-service managed hosting option for small businesses which provides on-going website hosting, maintenance and support for Joomla, WordPress and Drupal websites for just:


WordPress Maintenance

Managed WordPress Maintenance and Support
$50 per month
  • Monthly updates of WordPress, Joomla or Drupal core files
  • Monthly updates to all available plugin, extensions and themes
  • Weekly, automated back-ups of your website files and databases
  • Quarterly database tables optimization
  • 24/7 support ticketing system in the event that your website experiences an outage of any kind

What this Support Level Does Not Cover:

Below are examples of situations in which additional charges will likely be incurred:

  • Updates to the content of your website (ie: adding images, making text changes, etc.)
  • Adding extensions or plugins to your website (ie:  “I think I’d like to accept payments on my website.  Can you add a PAY NOW button?”
  • Email support (ie: troublshooting your email set-up on your personal computers or mobile devices).
  • Converting your website from one Content Management System to another (ie: “I’d like to convert my Joomla Website to WordPress”).
  • WordPress website training and support beyond your initial training included in website design cost.
  • Website breakages to your website resulting from user error (ie: I accidentally deleted a plugin in the WordPress admin and I need to get it back).