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WordPress Hosting & Maintenance

Once your website is built, it belongs to you. You do not have to host it with us. However, WordPress websites need powerful hosting and regular updates. We’re happy to take the best care of your website after it’s launched. Or, if you’d prefer to handle it yourself, we can make recommendations for WordPress hosting based on our extensive experience with hosting providers.

Optimized for WordPress

To perform it’s best, WordPress needs a hosting environment that is optimally configured.

Lightning Fast

Superior website performance means fast page-loading times for visitors and speedy admin editing for you.

Anti-Hacker Security

Lots of behind-the-scenes tools are hard at work to prevent hackers from getting in.

Nightly Backups

Automated nightly backups with quick, easy one-click restoration to a previous version.

Dedicated Support

A real human dedicated support person you can reach out directly if you have any issues with your site.

Plugin Updates

Not only do we update WordPress core, we also update all your site’s plugins and themes as well.