Flexibility and Scalability Make Search Marketing One of The Most Effective Marketing Tools Available Today.

Paid search such as Google AdWords® enables advertisers to target potential customers when and where they are searching for your product or service, reduce your bounce rate, and improve lead conversion.  Below are a few key action points of our search marketing strategy.

Comprehensive Keyword Research and Selection
Quality Score Management
Conversion Tracking
PPC Bid & Management
Split A/B Ad Testing
Display Banner Ad Design
Content Development
Landing Page Creation and Optimization
PPC Monitoring & Reporting
An effective paid search campaign is built on robust data measurement, analytics and reports that can be used to modify your strategy and messaging.

Unlike search engine optimization, paid search allows you to control when your ad is displayed in search results as well what geographic location and demographic audience will see your ad. With all these tools at the advertiser’s disposal, it is very important that your paid search advertising campaign is properly managed.  Poorly managed campaigns can rapidly drain your marketing budget and show little to no return on investment.

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