HIRE Strategies

The HIRE Strategies team is about breaking barriers in the recruiting industry.  We helped them communicate that message through their brand.

From our first Zoom with the ladies at HIRE Strategies, we knew this project was going to be a home run.  Why? Because it was very clear that they knew who they were, where they came from and where they wanted to go.

They had already worked with a few agencies that they felt just didn’t quite get their vision.  They shared that they felt other agencies wanted to direct their brand in ways that fit a mold that HIRE felt was very “inside the box” of the recruiting industry.  This left them asking themselves on very important question:   “How can we present ourselves as change makers when we’re really just looking and sounding like everyone else?”

They loved their pink color because it was rooted in their history in a wonderfully meaningful way.  More importantly, that pink color and the pink hard hat that inspired it is a powerful symbol of a brand story that is all about breaking barriers and opening doors.


  • Logo Design
  • Color Palette Development
  • Brand Asset Curation
  • Art Direction
  • Copywriting & Messaging Consulting
  • Website Design & Development

“I’m in love with our website!!! Every time I look at it; I am even more in love with it! Now I feel like the business aligns with who I am personally and I couldn’t be more proud! Thank you doesn’t begin to express just how much I appreciate your team's assistance with bringing out the essence of our company visually through a website; however Thank You!!!!”

Sonya H.Founder and CEO of HIRE Strategies

Bold Blue

Powerful Pink

Soft Purple