Web Design & Development

We know for sure that excellent user experiences translate to more website visitor engagement.

We design websites that are intuitive, well-organized, and engaging.  We kickoff each project by taking extensive notes and learn everything we can about our client, their customers and competitors.

Custom WordPress® Website Design

Truth:  There is little about a WordPress website that can be considered “custom.”  All WordPress-powered websites use open-source themes, plugins.  Even WordPress itself is open source.  Developers leverage this highly extendable, easy-to-use system to offer their clients solutions that are impressive as well as affordable.

So what is custom about our WordPress websites then?  In a word, our design process.  Our UX designers build custom design comps in Adobe Photoshop and/or Illustrator based on your unique content.  We go back and forth with the client until we reach final approval.  We then build out the site to match that design using a premium, licensed theme framework. The end result is a beautifully designed, responsive website that perfectly supports your brand identity.

Below are several examples of our WordPress website design development.

Custom Shopify Websites

We design custom layouts for clients looking to leverage the many advantages of Shopify.  Below are a few examples from our Shopify design portfolio.

Shopify is a “hosted” eCommerce content management system.  Among it’s best features is it’s highly intuitive back end which makes it simple for most anyone to manage their own eCommerce website.  Because it is hosted by Shopify, you never have to worry about updating it’s core.  Unlike WordPress, it is not open source.  This makes it a much more stable alternative to WordPress plugins such as WooCommerce.

Custom-Coded Website Development

We always keep our client’s budget in mind.  That is why we rarely encourage “re-inventing the wheel.”  If a client’s needs can be met by something that already exists, we will do our best to find that solution.  However, when the project requirements call for specific features or advanced functions that can’t be met by existing available resources, we will design and build a custom-coded solution for you such as:

Custom WordPress Plugins • Custom Shopify Apps and Plugins • Mobile App Development • Fully Custom Websites • Custom CMS’s • Custom UX design and Development

Below are a few examples of projects that either included custom development elements or were entirely custom-coded.

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