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A full-service branding agency

We’re the “Charmed Sisters” of the branding agency World. When we put our heads together, magic happens.

Over the years, we’ve built a stellar reputation as a branding agency by helping business stakeholders build strong brands that convey quality and inspire loyalty.  We do this through a process aimed at discovering, not only who you are, but who you want to be as a business.

We work with small to medium-sized businesses in a variety of vertical markets.  We do not focus on any one particular niche.  We feel that focusing on one “niche” limits our creativity and ultimately puts the client at a disadvantage. We find that it’s difficult to be stand-out thinkers when the audiences we are targeting are too similar.

Our Mission

To help organizations thrive through outstanding brand development
that reaches and resonates with those who matter most.

We don’t “hide our lights under a bushel.”

90 Degree was founded in 2011 by Julie Hammer Jensen. An old-school advertising creative, Julie left that world to start a different type of agency. In the old days, many “Creatives” were kept hidden in the bowels of buildings. They rarely saw the light of day or met with clients. In order to help clients bring our their best, we let our lights shine!  We give creatives freedom, sunshine, and always, a voice in the company and a place at the table.  When we meet with clients, we listen, ask questions and talk about things that make the business – and the target audience – tick. That’s how the best ideas are born!

Our Core Values

First and foremost, we are designers, developers and writers.  But we are also artists, poets and daydream believers.

We are passionate about producing exceptional work that, not only wins awards, but achieves results for our clients. While our ideas are new, our values are old.  We hold things like integrity, honesty, fairness, transparency and delivering genuine value at the heart of our operations. Over the years, we’ve learned first-hand the importance of doing business according to these values. We are selective with regard to who we work with and seek to do business with clients who appreciate and share those same values.

Do good. Be good. Causes we support.

Meet Our Team


Owner + Brand Visionary


Partner + VP of Business Development


Senior UX Designer