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The Importance of Website Content

By September 3, 2018Web Design

All the design and fancy animations in the World won’t fix poor website content.

First impressions are everything – in life and business. In today’s technology-driven environment, your company’s first impression is its website. It is likely to be the first place that potential clients go to learn more about what you offer. It is the initial representation of your brand. Expending resources on a high-quality website is one of the most worthwhile investments you can make in your burgeoning business. In tandem with a professional web designer, it’s important to carefully consider every detail of your website from photos to design elements to content.

While eye-catching website design may initially draw visitors in, good content is what engages and keeps them. Given the importance of content, it should be the starting point to cultivating your web presence. What makes the design of your website effective is the harmonious relationship between the design elements and content. The result of this combination is a clear conveyance of what your company is all about – from its mission to core values to distinguishing characteristics that make you stand out among others in your industry.

Some companies attempt to create content on their own, which can be a huge misstep. Professional content creation ensures that your website does what it is meant to – get results. Attempting to curate copy on your own may lead to delays in the design and backend implementation of your website because quality and/or errors need to be addressed. Poorly-written content can have a devastating impact on your reputation. According to the NN Group, businesses have just 10 seconds to make an impression with design and content for their website visitors. If the person is not engaged by that point, they generally leave. This equals a missed opportunity. Substandard content not only fails to introduce the visitor to your business, but it may deter them from even wanting to know more.

Writing engaging content that compels website visitors to action is no easy feat. After all, content with an overt marketing slant may be overpowering, while content that has no call-to-action at all may not do enough to compel visitors to respond. Good content falls somewhere in the middle, educating potential clients about your product or service while also drawing on your business experience to establish credibility. It also incorporates search engine optimization (SEO) features to make your website visible in online search results. Moreover, it gives visitors a clear sense of what your business is all about and gives them reason to want to know more. From this point, your content may persuade them to try your product or service or research your company more in-depth through reviews or social media.

This is all good news for you as a small business owner because it means that your website content has just given you an opening to prove your value. Consider that quality web content with a call to action generates three times the leads as other forms of marketing but costs significantly less. There’s no better investment in your business than the ability to share your story through content and design and realize tangible results from your web presence.