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linksync-vend-sync-problemsWeb Design

LinkSync (Now Blaze) WooCommerce Vend Sync May Lead to WooCommerce Woes

Are you experiencing problems with LinkSync for WooCommerce? We were too. recently encountered an issue while working with a client on a website that was using LinkSync (now WooCommerce Vend Sync) to handle the product syncing from their Vend® POS to WooCommerce.  The client reached out to us for help troubleshooting a completely unrelated issue. The Problem:  WooCommerce Vend Sync plugin loses product data when deactivated WordPress® troubleshooting protocol always begins with deactivating plugins. Every WordPress® developer will tell you…
February 20, 2019
wordpress vs custom websites - website design - raleigh - 90 Degree DesignWeb Design

Pros and Cons of WordPress vs. Custom Website Development

Choosing the right construct to create a website requires an understanding of the myriad choices. The most common options lie between open-source, do-it-yourself platforms - like WordPress - and customized websites. The pros and cons between the two depend on a variety of factors, including speed, cost, maintenance and functionality. The optimal choice is usually the one with the amenities that most align with the needs of the company as well as the budget for the project. WordPress WordPress is…
October 29, 2018
Everything You Need to Know About Section 508 Website Accessibility - web design - raleigh - 90 DegreeAccessibilityWeb Design

What You Need to Know About Section 508 Website Accessibility

Everything You Need to Know About Section 508 Website Accessibility Imagine you are blind. You’re sitting with your computer or phone, just like you are now. How would you read this? There are 56.7 million Americans with disabilities today — and they all need to use technology. Think about how much you do on the internet. You shop, search for jobs and gather important information about everything from taxes to the school system. That’s why it’s important that websites are…
September 11, 2018
The Importance Of Business Photography - 90 degree- raleighDigital MarketingStart-UpsWeb Design

The Importance Of Business Photography

There are numerous visual representations of your business - from website design to logos and beyond. However, nothing is more visually beneficial than actual photographs of your products/services, your physical space and you/your staff. Photographs give customers a clear visual characterization of your business. They add a personal touch missing from graphic elements and offer another method of connection. However, marketing and branding – even through photography – should be professional and polished. Therefore, the importance of quality business photography…
September 7, 2018
Maintaining Your WordPress Website – 90 Degree – Web Design RaleighServicesWeb Design

Maintaining Your WordPress Website

WordPress is most commonly known as a platform for blogging and content management. However, for small businesses without an existing website presence, it is one of the easiest ways to get something up quickly while you embark on a more in-depth website design. It is also an option for businesses that don’t really benefit from an expensive website investment but would like at least some semblance of an online presence for informational purposes. Maintaining your WordPress website is easy; however,…
September 6, 2018
the importance of website content - digital marketing - Raleigh-90Degree DesignWeb Design

The Importance of Website Content

All the design and fancy animations in the World won't fix poor website content. First impressions are everything – in life and business. In today’s technology-driven environment, your company’s first impression is its website. It is likely to be the first place that potential clients go to learn more about what you offer. It is the initial representation of your brand. Expending resources on a high-quality website is one of the most worthwhile investments you can make in your burgeoning…
September 3, 2018
3 Tips To Help You Get The Web Design You WantDesignDesign BlogServicesWeb Design

3 Tips To Help You Get The Website You Want From Your Designer

Are you ready for a new web design? Before you begin work with your chosen web design agency, there are a few things to keep in mind that will set you up for success during the design process. Getting a new website should be fun and signal an exciting fresh start for your business, but if you fall into some all-to-common pitfalls, the design process can begin to drag on and become confusing. Avoid a frustrating design experience with the…
April 10, 2018
5-simple-ways-to-secure-your-website - website design - Raleigh - 90 DegreeUncategorizedWeb Design

5 Simple Ways to Secure Your Website

Cyber Security is becoming more of an issue each day.  If your business has a website, making it is secure should be one of your top priorities.  Even if you consider your website small or unknown, hackers could still attack it.  Website owners who fall victim to hackers may experience crashed websites, loss or ransoming of important data, or potentially being used as a host for distribution of malware.  Here are five simple ways you can keep your website secure:…
February 23, 2018
keywords and seo - search engine optimization - digital marketing - Raleigh - 90 Degree DesignDigital MarketingLocal SEOServicesWeb Design

Understanding Keywords and SEO

Congratulations, you have a new website. After hours of design iterations, you have a look and feel that is perfect for your brand. Now what? Will your site show up in search? How will people find your brand? Of course, the idea here is that you have such compelling brand power that people are just seeking your brand out by name. Brand recognition is a process that takes time, and although big brands that have been around for decades may…
February 7, 2018
11 Characteristics of Highly Effective Landing Pages - 90 Degree DesignDigital MarketingUncategorizedWeb Design

11 Characteristics of Highly Effective Landing Pages

Landing pages are designed to push a website visitor down the conversion funnel so that they can become a lead or even a sale. If you are a business owner, you must put a great deal of time and energy into creating highly effective landing pages that generate new customers and grow your business. Here is a list of the top 10 characteristics of highly effective landing pages: Fast Page Load Time - The average website visitor does not have the…
December 14, 2017