Are you unhappy with the NUMBER OF VISITORS to your website?  Are you concerned that potential clients or customers aren’t looking further than the FIRST PAGE or even the first rank position on GOOGLE?  Do you want to INCREASE YOUR CONVERSION RATE and decrease your bounce rate?

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a process aimed at “organically” increasing a website’s search engine rank position for specific key terms, boosting a site’s traffic, multiplying conversions and growing your sales and visibility.

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What are organic rankings?

Just as it does in the food industry, the word, “organic” carries a lot of weight in the digital marketing World.  There are two methods of increasing traffic on your website.  The first way is paid search method. The second way is to target “organic” rankings.  When we talk about organic rankings, we’re referring to where your site naturally falls in Google Search results.  When your site naturally has great search engine ranking position, it means GoogleBot sees your site as being an authority for the given search term.  That means your site is getting traffic and clicks off of search that you did not have to for in an expensive Pay-Per-Click campaign.

We strive to identify and implement the perfect combination of strategies, tailored to your business, to produce the optimal results.

How does it work?

Search engines like Google have a crawler that collects information about all the content they can find on the internet. That information is then fed through a search algorithm that attempts to pair that data with your query as closely as possible.  Search engines regularly refine how they rank web pages, but there are two essential facets to building a foundation for successful SEO results.


The practice of optimizing components of your website - both content and HTML source code.

Some of the factors we take into account:

  • Content should be comprehensive, user-friendly, unique, and credible
  • Overall user experience of your site
  • Page metadata
  • Website infrastructure and architecture
  • Page load speed
  • Mobile responsiveness


How your website is referred to, or linked to, from other online sources. Is your site an authority?

This includes:

  • A number of high quality, relevant backlinks (links that lead back to the related page on your website)
  • Non-link related citations
  • An active social media presence