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Launching Products on Social Media - digital marketing - 90 Degree DesignDigital MarketingServicesStart-Ups

Launching Products on Social Media: A Step-by-Step Guide

What does it take to launch a new product? Though a new product can expand the appeal of your brand and grow sales, it can also require a lot of effort. Fortunately, you can use social media to turbocharge your next product launch. Step One: Write a Basic Plan for Social Media What do you want to accomplish? Start your product launch by setting goals. Next, write down your plan using precise terms. Along with your objectives, you should also…
December 3, 2018
5 Things You Should Know When Selecting A Logo Designer - 90 Degree DesignLogo DesignStart-Ups

5 Things You Should Know When Selecting A Logo Designer

Your company’s logo is a graphic representation of your brand. It should not only represent your business type, but also give customers a glancing view of who you are as an organization. This is a lot of responsibility for one little logo to carry, which is why choosing a talented and experienced designer is so important. Consider five things you should know when selecting a logo designer: 1. You Get What You Pay For Logo design is just not the…
October 19, 2018
The Importance Of Business Photography - 90 degree- raleighDigital MarketingStart-UpsWeb Design

The Importance Of Business Photography

There are numerous visual representations of your business - from website design to logos and beyond. However, nothing is more visually beneficial than actual photographs of your products/services, your physical space and you/your staff. Photographs give customers a clear visual characterization of your business. They add a personal touch missing from graphic elements and offer another method of connection. However, marketing and branding – even through photography – should be professional and polished. Therefore, the importance of quality business photography…
September 7, 2018
clever ways to generate leads for startups - startup marketing - 90 Degree DesignDigital MarketingStart-Ups

Clever Ways to Generate Quality Leads for your Startup

According to the 2018 State of Inbound report, 69% of businesses claim that generating quality leads is their priority. Moreover, 53% of them claim that more than half of their budget is allocated to generating leads. That’s not surprising at all, given the fact that collecting your target audience’s contact information is the basis of building strong relationships with them and converting them into paying customers. However, not all lead generation techniques work the same, regardless of how popular or…
August 8, 2018
Claim or Edit Your Business Listing On Without Paying For Yext - 90 degree - raleighDigital MarketingLocal SEOStart-Ups

Claim or Edit Your Business Listing On Without Paying For Yext is a business directory listings site where businesses could, at one time, sign up for accounts, place their business contact information, and even advertise on the site.  It is one of the more important local citation websites on the Internet.  Unfortunately, Google still places a great deal of importance on your business listing on  That is why it is very frustrating for small business owners to go through the "Claim Your Listing" process only to find that it…
August 24, 2017