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2020 Social Media Calendar

Our social media calendar includes 365 days of social media post ideas that any brand can use! Did you know that over 75% of Americans use a form of social media? Social media is a great way to share your life with your friends and family. It's also a great marketing tool for businesses! In fact, it might be one of the best. More and more businesses are turning to social media as a means to drive traffic to their…
February 28, 2020
Digital Marketing

Top 5 Facebook Business Features

In 2020 Facebook has billions of active users. So, it's no wonder that it's the most popular social media platform in the world. Did you know that there is a direct correlation between SEO and a business’ social media? Here's how it works: If a Facebook page has great content it is seen and shared by users who like the page. Those shares cause the content to become more visible to other Facebook users. The more visible the content is,…
January 29, 2020
Influencer Marketing PugDigital Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Social Media Influencer Marketing is an effective and affordable way to reach your ideal customers, promote your brand, and increase your sales. Please, continue reading to learn how it works! Social Media Influencer: A social media influencer is an individual or brand with a significant number of followers who value their expertise and knowledge in a specific area. Their knowledge on the topic and relationship with their followers gives them the ability to influence behaviors and purchase decisions. Their followers…
January 23, 2020
Content MarketingDesign

How To Create Infographics and The 5 W’s

What are Infographics? An infographic is a visual representation of information. An infographic uses graphic design, charts, and other visual elements in order to provide concise information on a specific topic in an easy-to-read manner. Keep reading to learn more about infographics and how to create infographics for your brand! Why use Infographics? Infographics are used in a variety of different industries. Non profit organizations, technology, education, real estate, etc. Almost every kind of business can use infographics to communicate…
January 15, 2020
Content MarketingDigital Marketing

4 Types of Video Marketing to Consider in 2020

Brand Video Marketing Think of a brand video as the moving “About Us” page from your website. The video communicates who you are, what your mission is, and what your products/services are. Where should I post my brand video?  Website: Your website’s landing page is a great place to feature your brand video! The longer visitors stay on your website, the better! Whether we’re talking about SEO or website conversion, video content is a great way to draw people in…
January 6, 2020
Digital MarketingSearch EnginesSEO

Advertising in the “Hey Alexa” Days: Visual and Voice Search Marketing

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly growing and so is consumer's adoption of it. More people are beginning to use voice and visual tools instead of text-based tools to complete their daily tasks. In 2020, talk-to-text, audio messages, and video are common ways to communicate. Virtual voice assistants like Alexa and Siri are used daily by many Americans. With new technology, comes new opportunities for marketers! In this article, we will share key information regarding Visual and Voice Search and provide tips…
January 1, 2020