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Local SEO Hacks From The Pros That Anyone Can Do

By January 30, 2019February 19th, 2019Digital Marketing, Local SEO
We don’t know too many businesses that don’t want to rank high in search. The higher your website ranks on google or bing, the easier it is for potential customers to find your business. If you are a small or local business, maintaining a strong local search presence is also important. When customers search for businesses “near me”, you want your business to show up in a top spot. At 90 Degree, we understand that not everyone knows where to start with local SEO. That is why we have created a list of 8 local SEO hacks to help get you started!

Local SEO Hacks From The Pros That Anyone Can Do:

1. Install and use Yoast combined with Yoast Local.

Yoast is an easy-to-use WordPress plugin that allows you to update the meta data for the content on your website. It offers feedback and simple red light, green light commands to show you how your content might measure up with search engines like Google. Yoast Local focuses specifically on optimizing your website content and Contact page so that Google learns everything it needs to know to place your business in a local search ranking.

2. Install and use redirection tool to stay on top of redirects.

Dead or broken links can be really damaging to your search rankings. Installing a redirection tool will alert you to any broken links on your website and help you redirect those links to an active page.

3. Install and use Imagify to optimize all your images on your site

Load time is another big factor when it comes to local SEO. Google wants to know that your website will pull up quickly when a user is searching. Oversized images use a lot of data and can slow page load time drastically. Tools like Imagify compress image size, without comprising the quality of your images and help your site load faster. It’s win, win!

4. Make sure you’ve added alt tags to all your images

It may seem tedious, but ensuring that you are populating the alt tags of your images when you add them to your site is important. Alt tags tell search engines what kind of content is on a page. For example, if you own a business that sells cookies, Google should be able to find content on your site about cookies for sale, along with images that indicate different kinds of cookies for sale.

5. Sign up for Moz Local.

Moz Local is a paid service that helps you ensure that all of your online business listings are accurate and up to date. You enter your business information once on Moz Local and they do the leg work of making sure it is correct across the web.

6. Keep up with Local Citations

Make sure that you have created a Google My Business page and keep it updated. This is probably one of the most important things you can do to affect your local search ranking. Facebook and Yelp are also important sites to keep your business information updated. Your customers will be able to leave reviews in all three of these locations, which can also help your local ranking.

7. Don’t skimp on hosting! Users care about server response times and so does Google.

We discussed website load time in hack number 3, but hosting is another critical component to a maintain a fast load speed. Your host is where your website “lives”. It is the host’s job to serve up your website when someone clicks on a link. Not all web hosting is created equal though. Make sure that you choose a hosting plan that is transparent about load time and can also help you keep your website up to date and secure.

8. Deep linking throughout your site to other content pieces helps a ton.

Google favors sites that can demonstrate content authority. That is why it is important to develop quality website content and keep it refreshed on a regular basis. The more relevant content you create, the more you will be able to link to other content sources within your site, creating powerful deep links and yet another way to make your site stand out in local rankings.

Need more help with local search? 90 Degree is a digital marketing agency based in Raleigh, NC that helps small business and startup clients all over the country stay on top of SEO.