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SEO or PPC, What is Right For Me?

SEO or PPC, what’s right for me? Continue reading for simple information about SEO, PPC, and what strategy may be right for your business! About SEO: Search Engine Optimization is essentially a fancy marketing term for getting organic (un-paid) traffic to your website from a search engine (most commonly, Google). Billions of Google searches happen on a daily basis which…

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Advertising in the “Hey Alexa” Days: Visual and Voice Search Marketing

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly growing and so is consumer’s adoption of it. More people are beginning to use voice and visual tools instead of text-based tools to complete their daily tasks. In 2020, talk-to-text, audio messages, and video are common ways to communicate. Virtual voice assistants like Alexa and Siri are used daily by many Americans. With new technology, comes…

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Zero Click Search Results

What are Zero Click Search Results? Zero Click Search Results happen when users search for information using a Google Search, and then satisfy that search without having to click through to a website. In other words, the user's query is answered directly on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).  Let's Look at an Example: Google the phrase: “How much do...
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