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Rethinking Your Business During COVID-19Rethinking Your Business During COVID-19

Many of us are almost a month into living in an isolated world! Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, it is now widely recommended around the world that people need to stay home and that non essential businesses must close their doors to the public. Retail shops, gyms, hair salons, and dental offices (to name a few) have had to change the ways in which they do business.

Because of this, it’s been a struggle for many businesses. Coworkers who were used to working side-by-side have now had to communicate through text messages, phone calls, emails, and video calls. Patients of psychologists who are used to walking into the office, sitting down on the couch and speaking face-to-face with their counselor have now had to schedule video counseling sessions. Gyms and personal trainers who see their client’s faces every morning have had to post their workouts on their websites or social media accounts. Churches are offering live streaming of their services.

It makes us wonder, what does a post-COVID-19 world look like? Will psychologists continue to treat patients virtually? Are gyms and trainers going to continue to post their workouts online? While the reasoning for this change is terrible, we wonder if at the end of the tunnel we will all live in a more virtual world. 

Businesses who are not rethinking the way they do business during COVID-19 could get left behind. But, those who are taking this opportunity to pivot into the digital world, might thrive. So, we thought we would share some ways that your business could implement simple changes that could save you during and after COVID-19. We understand that not every business will have the luxury or means to implement all of these changes. And, every business is different. The point of this article is to help you begin to rethink YOUR business.

New Ways to Communicate with Your Employees

  • Allow your employees to work from home. Ensure that they have the proper tools (access to internet, phone, computer, company emails, etc.)
  • Video Calls – Try to maintain your company culture by meeting as a group on video once a week.
  • Phone calls 
  • Email (See our Digital Communication Tips Here)
  • Text

Continuing Existing Business During COVID-19 : Communicating with Your Customers

  • Email – Email is a great way to communicate information to your existing customers about updates and important information.
  • Text – Offering text is a great way to make it easier for your customers to reach you.
  • Social media – Social Media users are at an all time high right now, take advantage of this trend by getting social with your customers, business partners, and prospects.
  • Website – Many of your customers will go to your website to try to find information out about your company. Especially when many phone lines are clogged, it’s important to provide this information on as many platforms as possible.
  • Video calls – More on this below

Rethinking Business During COVID-19 : Strategies

Retail Going ECommerce 

Brick and mortar retail businesses that are deemed non essential, you’ve probably been asked to close your doors. But, sales don’t have to stop. Consider selling online through your website (Click here to learn about our Shopify web design), Amazon, and even social media.

Online Grocery Shopping 

Grocery stores, consider allowing your customers to order online and pick up in store. Maybe even offer delivery to customers.


If you’re a medical office that has had to close your doors, you may still be able to treat patients virtually though video calls or over the phone. Telehealth is a trend that’s been building up for years, but now we are seeing a lot of companies start to implement this into their services.

Online Ads for Business During COVID-19

With so many people at home bored, the internet is becoming their best friend. Consider doing some paid advertising on search engines (Ahem… Google) and social media.

Curbside Pick-Up or Delivery for Restaurants

Restaurants, consider offering pick up orders and free delivery. Your patrons will be excited to enjoy their favorite restaurant’s food and your sales won’t take as big of a hit.

Online Fitness

If you’re a personal trainer, consider filming your work outs or providing work out content online. Be sure to share it on your website if you have one! Even without a website, you can still use text, email, video calls, and social media to share your work out content. You may even be able to offer live personal training sessions over video conference. Get creative!

Hair Salons How To’s

Consider using this opportunity to share some content with your clients such as : A video on how to touch up your roots between salon visits, or A guide on how to trim your bangs.

Online Teacher, Piano Instructor, Tutor 

Schools are closed and teachers are teaching virtually. Why shouldn’t you? As a tutor, or an instructor of any kind – consider offering online classes.


So, the possibilities are endless in this virtual world. It’s important to take advantage of this time and not become a “victim” to the circumstances. If you don’t have a website, CLICK HERE, for a free quote! We make stunning web design easy, affordable, and fast. And, if your brand needs help with your social media, content, articles, videos, etc. Click Here for a Digital Marketing Quote. We are here to help.