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A website is the best way for potential customers to find your business online. It is both the digital face of your company and an opportunity to generate new customers. However, in an increasingly cluttered online environment, the way that people find your business is constantly evolving. This underscores the importance of search engine optimization (SEO), which is the process by which your website content is written to make it more likely customers will find you.

However, SEO has undergone numerous changes, as some websites were stuffing their content with keywords instead of producing quality writing that was useful to potential customers. This is an inauthentic way to generate search traffic and does your company no good. Instead, your goal should be to boost your organic search traffic, so that anyone that finds you is really looking for what you offer. Generating this type of web traffic is more challenging because it means that you must create and maintain a well-written and aesthetically-pleasing website. Consider five easy hacks to boost your organic search traffic and get your business the results it deserves:

  1. Start a blog: If you haven’t already, start blogging on your website. Blogging increases website traffic by up to 55%. Moreover, it establishes credibility in your industry. Create a schedule of blog topics and post regularly. Submit your blog to industry organizations and associations or set up a partnership with another blogger complementary to your business and share content. This will pique interest in your endeavor and drive traffic to your site.
  1. Engage your social media audience: Social media is a great integrative marketing tool when it comes to increasing organic website traffic. Share website updates and content through social media channels. Build a presence on the most appropriate platforms. For example, if yours is a product-heavy business with opportunity for fantastic photos, then Instagram is the best venue through which to peddle your products. Increase traffic by teasing your social media audience with photos on Instagram, directing them back to your website to find out more or make a purchase.
  1. Audit your website content: Adding a blog will boost your website’s organic search traffic; poor quality content anywhere on the site will drag it right back down. Quantity is never better than quality when it comes to getting your web traffic numbers up. Delete any pages that add little to no value to your site. Rewrite content that is pertinent and necessary, but not properly comprised. Pages with no links or opportunities for conversion should be removed.
  1. Create a mobile-friendly site: The truth is that more people than ever view websites on their mobile devices. Therefore, your website should transition well to a mobile-friendly version to make it easier for visitors to find you no matter what their device type.
  1. Comment Away: This might seem like a strange way to boost organic search traffic, but it is highly effective. When you post thoughtful, engaging comments on industry blogs, websites and any other relevant pieces of information, you pique the interest of anyone reading what you’ve written. They are more likely to search your business as a result, increasing your organic search traffic.