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7 Types of Logos

We’ve been known to say that your logo is the little black dress of your brand. And, while there may be an endless array of little black dresses, most of them will fall into a specific category or style; Fit and Flare, Bandage, A Line, Shift, etc. Just like that LBD, logos can usually be classified into specific categories. Keep reading to learn more about the 7 types of logos and which logo style is best for your brand. There are advantages and disadvantages of each style of logo (and dress). Your brand should consider how you’d like to be perceived by your customer. What elements of your brand can you highlight? Are you seeking to stand out in a crowd? How does your customer feel when they engage with your brand? Who are you trying to appeal to? 

Here are the 7 types of logos:

Emblem Logos

  • Emblem logos are classic and timeless, like a crest or a seal. You probably know of some: Warner Brothers, Harley Davidson, and NFL. They are the oldest form of logo and are essentially an image with text inside of it. Emblems can give your brand a traditional look. Which is why they appeal to schools and governments. They typically don’t look as great when scaled down (web icon) or up (megatron or billboard). If your brand is going for a modern or minimalist look, emblems may not be the best choice. Many seasoned brands such as Starbucks, started with an emblem but have since rebranded to a different form.

The logo on the left is the old Starbucks emblem logo, on the right, you see the new logo.


  • Wordmark logos are another classic and timeless logo Design. These types of logos are also known as Logotypes. Since there is no graphic image involved, they draw attention to the name of the brand by focusing on the typography. That’s not to say that there isn’t graphic design involved. Top wordmark logos are carefully and thoughtfully designed to create brand recognition and memorability. In a wordmark, each letter is often meticulously manipulated together and a cohesive whole.  If your brand has a name that no one has ever heard of, this might be a great style for you. Think of Google, Coca Cola, or Disney.


  • Another common yet effective logo is a monogram. Think about the infamous New York Yankees, Louis Vuitton’s famous LV, or General Electric’s ‘ge’. Like wordmarks, monograms highlight the typography of the brand. Monograms appeal to a variety of types of businesses such as: Fashion Brands, Law Firms, and Broadcast Television. Oftentimes, a brand will choose a monogram if they have a long name that’s too hard to remember or fit into a logo.

Brandmark Logos

  • Brandmarks are symbols used to identify a brand. Examples are: Shell gas stations, Target stores, or Apple computers. The image or symbol is usually derived from the brand’s name or an element of the business. Brandmark logos are great for businesses who already have established brand recognition. This may be why Starbucks’s decided to rebrand with a brandmark logo. Brandmarks can be a great way to show off your personality but may not be the best if you’re a new business and need customers to learn your name. 

Abstract Logos

  • Furthering down the path of distinctiveness, abstract logos are a great way to use a symbol to identity your brand but in an even more unique way. Abstract logos are comprised of completely unique (hopefully) symbol. Such as, the Nike ‘swoosh’ or SnapChat’s ghost.


  • Mascots are custom designed pictorial logos but they feature a “personality” rather than a symbol. Think of Pringles, Mr. Clean, Tony the Tiger of Frosted Flakes, or the Pillsbury dough boy. If your brand is going for a fun, family friendly, and whimsical feel, mascots are a great choice. These mascots are commonly used by sports teams, food products, and household goods.

Combination Mark Logos

  • Combination marks are exactly what they sound like! A combination of any of the types of logos above. This is the most versatile form because your brand can use the pictorial element of the logo in some mediums, the typography in others, and the full combination mark logo in others. Brands that you might recognize that use combination mark logos are Dove, McDonalds, or Adidas. 

Do you have an idea of what kind of logo would work best for your brand? Execution is key. A great logo is memorable, unique, and professional. Allow our talented team of graphic designers to create a logo that will bring your brand to life! Click here to see all of our logo design work or Request a Quote!