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Logo Design

Five Hallmarks of a Powerful Brand Identity

Like diamonds, the most successful logos behind some of the world's most powerful brands have 5 common characteristics: Clarity, Color, Cut, Authenticity, and Simplicity. Let’s take a deeper dive into each of these characteristics and how logos successfully build your brand identity. 1. Clarity A company's logo should be clear, simple and easy to read. When you begin digging around...
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DIY Logo Design: Tips from the Pros

DIY Your Logo - logo design - 90 Degree Design

We understand. Professional logo design isn’t in everyone’s budget. But you can still have a nice looking logo even if you decide to do it yourself by following these these tips from the pros. Step 1:  Do Your Research Before you even start to design, you need to get some inspiration. Here are some guidelines for finding the best inspiration….

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How To Trademark Your New Logo

how to trademark your new logo - logo design - raleigh - 90 Degree

So, you’ve finally decided on a logo that best fits your business. It’s perfect for marketing purposes and versatile enough to be used across a wide variety of platforms, including digital and print. You may be excited to kick off some of your advertising plans to generate buzz, but this is an ill-timed first step. Protecting your business from every…

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5 Pro Tips For Business Logo Design

5 Pro Tips For Business Logo Design – 90 Degree – Logo Design Raleigh

A company logo is the main graphic used in all your marketing efforts and the one most commonly associated with your business. Designing a business logo is no easy endeavor because it should not only represent your brand, but it must do so in a way that is visually appealing. Here are five pro tips for your business logo design:…

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What Do Colors Say About Your Brand?

what do your colors say about your brand - branding - marketing - 90 Degree Design

When you are starting a new business, you have to go over many hurdles. Of course, everyone goes about this process slightly differently. It all starts with that first big idea. Then, typically you create a business plan, think about your business name, who your clients or customers will be, how you will charge for your services, etc. Does all…

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