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Boost Organic Search Ranking with Insights from Google Ads

In general, the ultimate business goal is revenue growth. So, it is no wonder that nearly 41% of companies spend around $500,000 on digital marketing every year. A crucial part of most ad campaigns is having a website with great visibility and rich content. Websites that are designed to convert a visitor into a customer. While using Google Ads can help place your website on top of search results for a period of time. A great Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy will help improve the visibility long-term. However, there is no need to choose one over the other. This article discusses how to implement the use of Google Ads into an SEO strategy and boost your organic search ranking.

The Cross-channel Approach to Digital Marketing

Businesses can no longer afford to use just one channel of digital marketing. A combined multi medium approach will help your brand tap into the benefits offered by each of the digital marketing channels. Some great channels your business should consider: Social Media, SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, and more! And, the good news is that we can help you with all of this!

Impact of Google Ads on Organic Search Ranking

There once were thoughts that paid search would reduce the relevance of organic search. But, organic search has gained momentum because of the insightful data generated from ad campaigns. In fact, thanks to this data, SEO and Paid Search Advertising work hand-in-hand. Here’s how it works: In organic search, the more website visits, the better it ranks. A customer who once visited a webpage through an ad is now more likely to visit its organic search result page. The result, the website yields a better organic search ranking. Simple right? In summary, Google Ads can help introduce your website to a new visitor who is then more likely to revisit your website. This leads to more website traffic which eventually results in better organic search rankings.

How to Leverage Google Ads Data

Analyzing results of your ad campaigns and putting the learning into practice is important. Your brand should study the behaviors and demographics of your website visitors. Doing this will give you ideas for new marketing strategies. You can also consider alternative strategies to target the visitors who were not converted into customers. For instance, if people clicked on an ad that featured the image of a blue dress, but when they reached your landing page, they couldn’t find the blue dress, they may click off your page. Now, you may consider featuring that blue dress on your landing page to ensure maximum conversions.


A long term Search Engine Optimization is an ideal and free way to gradually grow your website’s organic search ranking. A quicker solution to give an initial SEO boost to your brand could be to use Google Ads.

If you’re interested in learning how to incorporate SEO and Paid Search into your brand’s marketing strategy, reach out to us to discuss!