Boost Organic Search Engine Ranking with Insights from Google Ads Marketing

By April 17, 2019 May 3rd, 2019 Digital Marketing, Services

Boost Organic Search Engine Ranking with Insights from Google Ads Marketing

The ultimate goal of businesses is revenue growth, and it is no wonder that nearly 41% of companies spend about $500,000 on digital marketing every year. A crucial part of their ad campaign is websites with greater visibility and rich content that will convert a visitor into a customer. While Google Ads can immediately place the website on top of the search results, organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique helps improve the visibility in the medium to long term. However, there is no need to choose one over the other. This article looks at the possibilities offered by Ads, which is a paid service to improve the organic SEO of a website.

The Cross-channel Approach to Digital Marketing

Businesses can no longer afford to use just one of Google Ads or organic SEO or social media marketing in a mutually exclusive manner. Today, nearly 1/4th of the global companies rely on social media as a platform to advertise their products and services, with investments expected to touch $48 billion in 2021. Therefore, the biggest determinant of a successful digital marketing strategy is running an effective social campaign. Instead of using any one channel in isolation, a combined approach tapping into the benefits offered by each of them produces the best results. Proper research into the data collected from social media marketing and Google Ads can boost not only the return on investment (ROI), but also the search engine ranking indirectly.

Impact of Google Ads on Organic SEO

There have been speculations that paid search will eventually reduce the relevance of organic search. Instead, organic search has gained momentum through the feedback received from Ads campaigns. Their relationship has become complementary in nature. In organic search, the more the number of visits, the better the ranking of the website. A customer who once visited a webpage through an ad is more likely to visit its organic search result page during the subsequent searches, in turn boosting the website rank.

Bidding for new combination of keywords that have great potential but are not yet identified by the competitors is another interesting opportunity to sway the organic SEO domain in your desired direction. There are some instances, like the search results involving images, where much space is occupied by the image ads and paid ads, leaving less room for organic searches. Here, paid ads gain an edge over organic search results.

Takeaways from Google Ads Reports

In addition to that, analyzing the results of the ad campaigns, and putting the learning into practice is equally important. Visit your Ads account regularly, study the behavior of the website visitors, their locations, the links they clicked the most, and the keywords that had higher click-through rates; and you will have new ideas to improve the keywords and the general content in your webpages. You can devise alternative strategies to target those visitors who were not converted into customers as well. Most of all, you can track if the visitors from paid ad clicks shared your page on other sites (back-links), indirectly helping with organic ranking.

Search Engine Optimization is an ideal way to list your website at the top of search results as it does not cost money; however, it takes time to show results. Now, there is a quicker solution in the form of Google Ads and social media marketing. Thorough research into the ad campaigns is all you need to organically take your website to the most coveted top position in search.