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Is Your Business Facebook Page Getting Lost in the Search?

By November 22, 2013May 27th, 2020Design

Without the right angle

Did you know that YouTube is now the second largest search engine?

Wait…what? How is YouTube a search engine?

It may not search through the entire Internet like Google or Yahoo does, but the search box on YouTube will filter through all of the uploaded content and quickly return relevant video results to you in seconds.

Who is to say that Facebook search isn’t just as equally qualified to be a search engine? What results come up when someone tries to search for your services?

If your business’ Facebook page isn’t tagged with at least one sub-category identifier, then interested people who are searching for a company with the services that you offer may never find your page!

Facebook page sub-categories are an important tool but it is often a forgotten step in the set-up process. Luckily, it is easy to go back and fill in the blanks. In the admin panel click Edit Page >> Update Info. This will bring you to the Basic Information tab.

In the third field down, local pages can specify up to 3 display sub-categories. If set, this will show up on your page header (see example in the screen capture above from the 90 Degree Design Facebook page) and in the Facebook search results. Start with your strongest company identifier first followed by two more identifiers that potential clients may be searching for to find you.

Without the right angle

Even though we offer a wide range of services, we decided to choose Web Design, Graphic Design, and Email Martketing as the 3 display sub-categories to show up on our Facebook page header. Once these are dispayed they become links to the related topic in your local area. The list of search results is short and targeting and your want to be on it!

Take a moment to include the 3 display sub-categories that best describe your business. You could use targeted keywords, your most profitable services, or go for that niche market and pick sub-categories for your business page that are not currently being used by any other businesses in your local area.

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