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Zero Click Search Results

By December 12, 2019Local SEO, Search Engines, SEO

Search Engine Results Pages

What are Zero Click Search Results?

Zero Click Search Results happen when users search for information using a Google Search, and then satisfy that search without having to click through to a website. In other words, the user’s query is answered directly on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). 

Let’s Look at an Example:

Google the phrase: “How much do pugs weigh”. If you do, you will find that before any website listings appear, Google provides a featured image of a pug and a snippet of information about the breed. Underneath the snippet, Google lists a few related questions such as: ‘How much should pugs eat?’ and ‘What is the average size of a pug?’. This snippet features a link to the website where the information is sourced. But, if I was just looking for general information on a pug’s size, the answers on the Google Search Results Page would likely satisfy me. As a result, my search would end here on the ‘SERP’ without any additional clicks to a website. 

Zero Click Search Result

This is why SERP marketing is crucial for your business. Close to 50% of Google searches don’t result in a click through to a website. 

What Are The SERP Features?

Google uses knowledge panels and graphs with associated websites, related questions, and featured snippets to convey information directly on the search engine results page. Google’s goal is to make information easier to access and require less clicks for the user… Convenient! Google also uses something called a Map Pack to group together the most relevant listings at the top of the search results page.

Let’s Look at a Map Pack Example:

Google the phrase, “Dog Spa in Raleigh”. If you do, you’ll see a group of listings underneath a map. This is the Map Pack and shows all the places related to the search terms near Raleigh, NC.

Map Pack

Map Packs are great for businesses who are targeting geographically specific customers!

How Do I Get Featured on the SERP?

Standing out on the Google Search Results page will require a great SEO strategy. Google determines what businesses get in the Map Pack, featured snippets, or knowledge panels, by analyzing metrics like: Google Star Ratings, reviews, website speed and navigation, and relevance of your website content

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