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SEO in a Nutshell Part 5: Monitoring Your Progress

By July 6, 2016January 30th, 2017Web Design

Considering SEO is a constant battle, you need to continuously monitor your site’s progress. We use Google analytics to track and monitor our SEO progress. Google supplies an overview of your site and allows you to compare date ranges, displays how your site performs around the world with geographic data, shows a navigation summary that expresses how users maneuver through your site,  provides search engine traffic information, and more! Keeping your site up to date and adding fresh content with improve your SEO standings.

Using Google analytics is an excellent way to monitor your SEO progress. These metrics should be monitored daily, weekly, or monthly. It is important to keep a close eye on your progress so you know how to tweak your SEO campaign in hopes of reaching optimal ranking.  Assuming you are using Google analytics and you want to keep track of visits from Google and other search engines, you should monitor these metrics specifically – visits, new visits, visits from search engines, visits from Google, and bounce rate.

Metrics Details:


Showing the total number of visits per month. You can use this to determine an idea of increase or decrease in visits.

New Visits

This will show the number of visitors who have viewed your site for the first time. If someone who has viewed your site before and has cleared their search history and cookies from their computer, they may show up as a new visitor. That being said, this information should be taken as an approximation.

Visits from Search Engines

This information can be filtered more to not only show the data of which search engines were used to view your site, but also the total number of visits from each specific search engine.

Visits from Google

Tagging off of viewing the total number of visits from each specific search engine, you can measure the increase and decrease of the SEO campaign on Google.

Bounce Rate

This data is presented in percentage form and will give you an idea of how many viewers found your landing page intriguing enough to view other pages on your website.

By keeping a daily, weekly, or monthly track on these metrics, you can start to understand how your SEO campaign is performing. Like anything – monitoring your progress is essential for growth! Cheers to happy and holistic SEO!