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Recently, one of our clients was the victim of a hacking attack.  It has brought the importance of maintaining security on our own server to protect the accounts that we host on it to the forefront of our minds.  Part of this process includes keeping your website updated to the latest security patch available for the CMS that your website is built on.

This service is not something that comes “standard” with most hosting packages since it has to do with maintaining your website and not the hosting environment.  Therefore, with most hosts like or, you are “on your own” when it comes to keeping your website files secured and up-to-date.

A successful hacking job could potentially compromise our entire server and thus, potentially endanger other sites hosted on it, we are now requiring that any websites that we host be  updated to the latest secure versions of the CMS that they are running, as updates are periodically released.  Therefore, we are increasing our hosting fees to cover the extra cost to implement this security measure.

Please Note If you are a retainer client and your agreement covers website maintenance, this will not change your cost.

Please contact us with any questions that you have about this issue.

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